2 Minutes with the Farmer: Checking the Fences after the Flood!!!

in homesteading •  3 months ago

Today on 2 minutes with the Farmer join me as we check the fences after the flood we had yesterday. We have just over 3 miles of perimeter fence around the main farm and about half of it was under water. Checking fences is just part of the job here on the farm.

Thank you for spending 2 minutes with me!

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Farming and fencing. They are almost synonymous. :-)

So glad the flood waters are receding and your fence line survived. :D Fences being up is a wonderful blessing indeed. :D
God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D


Thank you so much. Hope all is going well for you and your family;)


You're welcome. :D We are doing well here, my handsome husband and our son got the day off, so we had a relaxing day here on our homestead. :D It was very nice. :D Thanks for asking. :D
Hopefully the flood waters recede quickly and you don't have anything more damaged, and that everyone is safe down there. :D
God bless you and your fantastic family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Farms. Fences. Floods. A topic we were well acquainted with a few years ago.

well well well ...look who lucked out. bully for ya'll. lol. hey now do you have to go and clear all the debris away from the fence? we got to see a calf! yay!

if you really had to get out you could just use the 4 wheeler right?


We clear the bigger sticks but the weeds fall out eventually.

No the water was a good 8 ft over the road. We literally were an island


ha! and you guys call yourselves preppers?? hahaha!
no excuses Farmer, you need to go get a boat! lol.
(as soon as you can drive out) but if it was me I'd try tomake it so the water was there all the time like a mote!

Good to see no major damage...hopeful that your luck is the same for the front of your property. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! Thanks for watching

Thank goodness you don't have to do a lot of repairing. Last year we helped a neighbor who had been flooded by tide waters. We had just under 7 miles of fencing to check and repair! What a nightmare, not to mention the expense...


Yes it was a major blessing to have no damage

Good fences make a happy farmer!!! Glad to hear there was no major damage!


That saying has so much truth in it.