2 Minutes with the Farmer: Finding Wild Fruit on the Farm!!!

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Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer we are going to show you some wild fruit here on the farm. We discovered that the woods on our farm are full of Paw Paw fruit aka the "Hill Billy Banana". This fruit grows all over our farm and is kind of like a banana and a mango had a baby.

Thank you for watching and spending 2 minutes with me!

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There is nothing like comming across something new when walking in the woods. Many times we don't take the time to really appreciate nature and what it has to offer. This past July, while hiking on the farm, I discovered a bush I had never seen before.
It was loaded with these berries. After asking a local farmer who I have become very good friends with, he told me they were called Choke Berries. They are edible, but as the name implies they are not the best tasting when eaten right off of the bush. They can be used in cooking and they add a very unique flavor to the dish. When I investigated further I found out that their real name is Aronia Berries.

That is awesome.

ha! hill billy bananas...they look more like potatoes. they should call them redneck bananas. but great discovery guys and I hear the bread is good. I wonder if you could can that fruit?

I am not sure about canning would have to ask the wife

Can paw paws be preserved in any way so that you could enjoy them over winter?

I am not sure. My wife is researching that but haven’t heard what she found yet

That's really awesome. Have you considered selling them?
Do you have any small paw paw trees you could dig up and sell?

We thought about selling them. The problem with selling them is they have an extremely short shelf life. Basically once you pick them u have to eat them.
Selling young trees is a good idea though. Good thinking;)

I have some family down there. I'll have to ask them to bring me up a tree if they see any. Pawpaws are supposedly native to Michigan I think but I've never seen a tree or a fruit anywhere.
You could probably get like $20 per paw paw tree maybe even more.
It sucks that grocery stores only sell freakish fruits and vegetables that have a really long shelf life.

I agree I think it is really scary how long grocery store fruit last. The wild things do not last long at all really makes you wonder what they are putting on them

Thanks for the upvote.

You r welcome

Thanks again... Bro
I followed you from now.


Great Post with Great Information.
My 100 % upvote for this post.

Wow. Would love to taste that

Great information with yummmy fruits !!!

Ahaa! The farmerswife share a recipe of puding recently with this fruit as the ingredient! I know it, I know it. You can make more paw paw pudding and sell them 😊

We are always looking for new ways to make money on the farm;)

Aha, yes, including by being a vlogger on dtube

How exciting!

Hillybilly banana's huh? Interesting...always love learning about new fruits. Thanks for sharing!

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Sweet find! How many years have you been on the land and you are just now finding out about them?