2 Minutes with the Farmer: Teaching Your Kids to Drive!!!

in homesteading •  3 months ago

Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer join us as we teach the kids to drive. One benefit of having a long driveway is that the kids get to learn how to drive at a young age. Spending time with the kids is such a blessing. We love our farm life and would not trade it.

Thank you for spending 2 minutes with us!

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My dad let me drive some on a few of the back roads where I grew up. He also made me learn to drive a manual transmission, I'm glad he did that!


Manual is a rare talent these days.

So cute. Well I guess you're never too young to start learning


That’s exactly what I think;)

howdy there sir farmer! well.. the dang dtube wouldn't work tonight so I'll try again tomorrow. ya'll have a great weekend!


You to sir!

My dad did the same with me when I was young, best times!!!


It is a great time. Thanks For watching

Never too early to start teaching them. My first drive-time came in an old 65 ford farm truck the old man refused to get rid of. 👍


Have to love old farm trucks

Nice post i like it 🚘

Seems that she already knew how to drive very well.


It is one of her favorite things to do. Thanks for watching

This will be very good practice for them and will prepare them for when they get a little older. I remember my parents letting us practice in our farm fields when the crops were off.


Making memories!!!

Looks like a great time!

Yup, my little ones are learning too. They'll have more than a clue about it when they turn 16!


I think it is never to early to start them;)