Fruit salads: Delicious, easy and natural

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Hello Steemians friends, Thanks to the energy crisis that currently lives Venezuela, I was absent many days, since it is impossible to write on my blog, however, here I am again, trying to earn a place in this wonderful community.

Today healthy food, I want to share with you what I consider an excellent option for a breakfast, dinner or snack with family and friends, I mean fruit salads. The fruit salad is nothing more than a mix of different fruits of season or your preference, which you must cut in a delicate way to maintain a harmony in the preparation, I like them a lot because besides being easy, rich and practical, they are very colorful, and is an excellent option for the little ones of the house to learn to consume fruits and therefore take advantage of their health benefits.

I tell you that to make a good fruit salad there are some techniques, among which stand out:

  • It is advisable to choose seasonal fruits, since they are newer, fresher and their flavor is more intense and they are usually sweeter and juicy.

  • It is advisable to take care of the level of maturity of the fruit, it is recommended that all fruits to use have the same level of maturation.

  • You must make a balance in the salad by adding acid and sweet fruits. # - Visually it is recommended that they use fruits of various colors, so that this one possesses beauty, since the food enters by sight.

  • They should clean and wash fruits correctly and remove seeds and veins they have. It is always important to maintain hygiene.

  • Finally choose a beautiful container to place your salad and present it in a creative and beautiful way.

  • Once ready you should keep it refrigerated so that the fruits do not rust.

Since I talk about oxidation here I leave you three tricks so that your fruits maintain their integrity and color and are not attacked by this process.

  • First trick, the best known is to sprinkle fruits with lemon.

  • Place the fruits in an airtight container and ensure that the knife does not have rust as this speeds up the process.

  • Place the fruits in a bowl with cold water and pour in a splash of vinegar.

Friends I hope you like the healthy option that I tell you today, I hope you enjoy this simple preparation very healthy.

Regards! See you soon.

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Now this looks interesting and delicious, we @farms are pleased to have come across this post and find it of great importance to this community.


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You don't need to EARN a place in community - you ARE an active contributor to the global steem community and we want to support you. Yes, Venezuela is doing it hard. Please show us more about how your communities are helping themselves when government fails.... you have an important job to put the Venezuelan reality out here for us all to share.