The Bane of My Existence. Berry Berry Deadly.

in homesteading •  5 months ago

This is for all the Alaskan berry pickers out there.

Alaska is a very welcoming place for berry lovers with tons of different varieties and flavors, but there is one trouble maker out there that could change the outcome of any berry outing. I'm talking about Actaea rubra, or commonly known as Red Baneberry. I recently was in the Buffalo mine area between Palmer and Sutton Alaska, and this place was full of the little red berry. It is the one poisonous berry here in the AK, and we should be very familiar with the plant if we plan on berry picking. If you break the berry open it has a very off smell almost like mushrooms, not very berry like.
Here is some pics of the red devil itself.




Be Berry Berry Careful out there!

On a side note these red berries where right next to a really nice bundle of red currants.

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False Lilly of the valley, skunk cabbage, blue bead and a few others are poisonous and found in Alaska.
Someone in a state wide berry group said their boyfriend ate some of these berries.🤦‍♀️


what happened to him?


Don’t know the girl who posted it stopped talking. She may have been an attention seeker. She said her boyfriend kept going out side and eating strange berries, then when she got home would tell her about them.

nice pics dude :)