I've Got Luffa Gourds Growing!

in #homesteading3 years ago (edited)

Before I started my quest to start a homestead, I had heard of luffa sponges but didn't know they came from these dried out gourds. A YouTube friend sent some seeds he saved from his luffa gourds and now I've got some growing pretty nicely here. This one is a foot long, at least.


They are growing on an old shipping crate that was also gifted to me by a neighbor. I used a similar free crate to build a little brooding area for my hen and chicks.


I haven't even started researching these yet to learn how to dry them and turn them into the sponge things people use in the shower, but I'm still learning something new every day I'm here. I've also got bottle gourds growing which some people have turned into little birdhouses or bird feeders. Gourds are one way to grow and sell stuff while getting around all the dumb food regulations in the US.


Awesome to see them growing for you!

I try to grow them one year but our season here in the Alberta Canada area are too short, even though I started them indoors from seed. I come from south America where they grow wild, people just have to go to el monte and pick all they want. I'm not too sure but I think you can even eat them when they are tender and green.

Great to see that it is growing!

Love gourds. There are so many things you can do with them. The thick skinned ones are great for bird houses and bowls. Nice luffa you have started. You are on a roll with everything. 🐓🐓

I started mine late, but this will be our first year growing these! Nice work!