What a week can do 🐇

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About a week ago, I posted some photos of some newborn rabbits. Nearly hairless, eyes still shut and barely able to move.

One week later and a dramatic difference.



A kiss from momma🐰


Amazing how quickly they have grown!!!

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I used to have one as a child, thank you for your post.

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They are so so cute! Glad to hear they are growing well! In the second to last photo the brown bunny looks like a French bulldog!

Franco-bunny or Frankenbunny ....

That momma looks like she's giving you the evil-eye 😉

@cognoscere... she probably is giving me the look... she doesn't like folks messing with her babies 🐰😡

I love bunnies. I did find out the hard way that they don't belong in an apartment when I was in college. LOL They ate through all my stereo wires and did not let me sleep when I needed to for my all night job at a hospital. They were sweet and cuddly, and I was sorry to have to give them to another family. I always visit the rabbit exhibits at the state and county fairs. Great to meet you @beyondmountains. Resteemed and Followed you from the #thl community list

Totally adorable! And yes, they grow super fast... we've been watching a family of native/wild bunnies in our yard this summer; they seem to go from tiny to almost fully grown in a matter of weeks.

Woah, that is amazing. thanks for sharing!