Sweet Potato 🍠 haul !!

I have never planted sweet potatoes in my life. I figured this year was year to give it a shot. I got my inspiration from Danny of Deep South Homestead. Watching him fill up a loader bucket on a tractor with hundreds of pounds of sweet potatoes really was inspirational. So I figured I’d give it a try.

Go big or go home .... I purchased four sweet potato plants from our local home-improvement store. I planted them about the end of June and just harvested them yesterday.


Not too bad for a first go round !!


Decent size to them, too.

Thanks for stopping in at Beyond Mountains Homestead!!



Any tips to share on how to grow them?

Awesome crop! Not bad for a first-timer!

So, what's the first thing you're going to make with the sweet taters?

Thanks @goldendawne... probably baked with brown sugar and butter!!!

Not a bad crop at all for your first shot at it, and they should make a nice side dish for quite a few meals!!! Maybe even some sweet potato fries for some of the smaller ones.

Thanks @cognoscere ... fries sound awesome ... the little ones I will use to root as slips for next year.

Very Nice...did you do anything different than with any other plant? I tried some this year as well but didn't get much of a crop. I'll try again next year - maybe you can give us some tips?