Barn and Farm Art at Beyond Mountains Homestead 🌞

Just a few shots of the barn art at our homestead. Hope you all enjoy 👨🏻‍🌾



This one would have Wranglerstar in a tizzy😳



This Claddagh weathervane shows my Irish heritage. It was a gift from my sister and one of the first adornments to our then new property.


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Looks very peaceful!
I remember when I lived in a century old farmhouse, we had lightning rods on the roof. Memories of days gone by, now people have power strips with surge protectors.

Question- what is that tool on the door?

It is very peaceful... thanks @goldendawne...on the door is an old two prong hay fork

Nice captures @beyondmountains, I like how you figured out a way to hang them so that it looks as though they are just floating there!

Thanks @cognoscere.... just a bit of Americana barn art🤠