my house is IN THIS storage unit! (moving to the Homestead)

in homesteading •  11 months ago

As we are moving to our homestead I am going to get you caught up on the last two weeks.


This photo was taken two weeks ago and I will soon catch you up in the progress. It has been a wild two weeks....but our homestead adventure is finally starting!!

Love this Steemit Community!!! Thank you for allowing me to hang with you.


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When it's time to move, it's when you realize all the things you have and the ones you use us. I congratulate you ordered everything very well in the moving truck.

That is amazing. We started in the same way. We had a storage unit for a couple of years. We went back and revisited everything in there and ended up selling and donating most of the things in there.

So glad to see y’all have finally moved past the chaos of hurricane Harvey. Good luck on the new adventure!


Yes yes yes!!! We are finally able to begin working on the property!