Great to see what all you have growing on your plantation @beekerst. Fresh fruit & veggies always taste better than store bought. I used to live on some land that I had a few of those things growing plus flowers for the bees and lots of sagas, but unfortunately life happened and had to move. No more growing for me, I think. Don't make yourself sick eating all that juicy

Thanks for the tag, @beekerst! That sunrise is truly spectacular! Thanks for sharing that beauty. I love that you had a cutting from your Grandfather's fig tree. That is keeping a heritage alive. Kudos to you! I have grapes growing but they have not produced flowers or fruit in four years. I don't think they like the heat here. Our land was not the best but it was cheap! Now 7 years later I am still working on getting it the way I that I have envisioned. Perhaps my sons and grandkids will enjoy the fruits of my labours...

Hmmm... Grapes have to be pruned correctly, or they quit producing. Here's a post about that. I wrote this a few months back. Look at this! If your vines have produced before they will again!
Ah! Our sons and grandsons! Will they continue our legacy or sell out and move to a condo in Florida? Only time will tell... Imma haunt them if they do!
Thanks for reading girl! Stay safe in your dangerous world!

On my way to read the post. They have never had fruit. Me too! LOL I will haunt their asses off! I think my youngest will carry on for sure...

If they never produced the chances are you have a male vine. Rip it out and be sure to replant a female. Some varieties are self-pollinating with both male and female blooms.

When you buy them from a market here, you never know what you will get...

When you buy them from
A market here, you never
Know what you will get...

                 - cecicastor

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