Action at the Swarm Trap

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Feral Bees!!!

A few months back I began setting out traps to catch bee swarms. You can read about that here.

I wasn't having much luck catching bees at this particular location, so I took down the trap, brought it home and took it apart.

I made a beeswax crayon by melting the wax and pouring it into a toilet paper tube.

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I cut off about an inch of paper on one end and rubbed this onto the plastic foundations I bought from Mann Lake. I also rubbed the inside of the trap with a light coat of wax. I replaced the frames, baited with a dab of lemon grass oil and reattached the top.

I decided to give this location one more try, so about 8:30 AM I hung the trap in the same place. I went back to see if I could see any scout bees about 3:00 PM and this is what I found.

If they like what they've discovered then BAM, another feral​ swarm to add to my apiary!

Thanks for watching and

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Looks like they liked it very well and so you have a bunch more bees @beekerst. Nice work!

I need to catch a few more before July. Swarm in July , let them fly!

Nice! You have more bees!

So bees look for new homes, or split hives this time of year?

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