A Late Swarm of Bees

in #homesteading4 years ago

I wasn't able to collect all my swarm traps at the end of July, so I went around today to gather them. Imagine my surprise when I found a small colony established in one of them!

I decided to leave them where they are and perhaps feed them and the other feral bees around the airport during the winter. The airport has an abundance of goldenrod and other fall flowers, and maybe they will build up enough stores to survive.

I found this neat little feature on the iMovie app on my phone and made a movie trailer for the discovery.

I hope you like it.

I appreciate your upvotes!


Congrats you won the daily Gogreenbuddy upvote worth roughly 50 cents! Keep writing like this and you will keep winning!

Ha! Thanks my friend! I love your contest and read the entries often! Keep up the good work and thanks for picking me!

Good to see you here! Haven't seen you in a donkey's age! You must have been kept really busy...any hope of you continuing The Triple Helix saga?

CECI! Good to hear from you girl! I hope all is well in Nicaragua!

Yeah, I’ve been a tad busy and really disappointed in the price of steem too. I want my work to pay at least a pittance. Publishers don’t want to pay for previously exposed work, even on a Steemit blog either.

I’ll get around to finishing “The Triple Helix” sometime this year, perhaps when the weather turns too cold for outside work.

I see your posting has slowed down too... you’re not being censored are you?

Anyway, it’s always nice to hear from you my friend... CARRY ON!

Yes, we are being watched and censored. Things are getting worse here...not better like we were hoping.

Cute way of showing off your bees.....enjoyed it a bunch!

Ha! I’m glad you liked it girl!

Yeah, I didn’t even know that trailer feature was on the iPhone. It was real easy to put together a little post with it. I might do a few more too. People seem to like small productions. When you try to write a novel they ignore you!
I’m glad you’re still Steemin’ along, I’ve been missing my Steemit friends.


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