Take My SBD Please! Winner

in #homesteading6 years ago (edited)

The Big Winner Was @nrich239 and @facelessmyth



The total rewards payout was.. 7 minutes ago 1.646 SBD, and 0.401 STEEM POWER for beatitudes8/take-my-sbd-please
Half of 1.64 is .82. the split is .41 a piece, but because of the great participation @beatitudes will give both winners .5 SBD each.

1 second ago Transfer 0.500 SBD to facelessmyth SBD giveaway post
43 seconds ago Transfer 0.500 SBD to nrich239 SBD giveaway post

Thank you all so much for playing, and expect for this SBD giveaway to come around every week from now on so be sure to follow so you can win your SBD!.

Check out and join the Steemit Homesteaders Community
Join Link: https://discord.gg/VKCrWsS
Community Link: http://homesteaders-online.com

courtesy of @gavinthegreat



Thank you for this and I will continue to re-steem your giveaways

Forgot I entered this... O.o
Thank You!
Nice lil thing to wake up to.

Your welcome, Thanks for playing enter again next time.

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