Take My SBD Please!

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SBD Giveaway


We did not have a seed winner last week so I'm going to try something different.

I'm starting to think its the SBD you guys like to win and not the SEEDS lol. Lets give it a try and give away some SBD then!

If it works out we'll do it every week!

If SBD is what you want SBD is what you will get! The winners will get Half of the SBD made on this post!

The Rules

Everyone who upvotes,resteems and comments is entered into a randomizer drawing. Two winners will split 50% of the SBD at payout!


If you have any seed request please comment below or send me a PM on discord.

Check out and join the Steemit Homesteaders Community
Join Link: https://discord.gg/VKCrWsS
Community Link: http://homesteaders-online.com

courtesy of @gavinthegreat


Aww I keep missing this kind of stuff because I can't check my feed often enough :( At least I caught this post! Upvoted and resteemed!

No worries you made this one congratulations you did everything you needed to qualify! Thank you for playing.


Who couldn't use a little more SBD? Count me in!

Right on brother you're IN!! Thanks for playing

Not sure how this works @beatitudes8 :)
but i've resteemed and upvoted.

Thanks for the giveaway
Wish me luck.

That’s it. Thank you for playing!

We would like some seeds, but we are not in the USA :D

We wish we could ship internationally! If people from different countries would get together to make a seed giveaway that would be amazing!

I didn't know about this giveaway. I would like to get seed, not sure if you will ship them internationally but if not my friend @pdxlove can get them.
As always thanks @goldenawne for sharing great posts.

you are qualified for this giveaway. We are trying to get more seed giveaways going in different countries but we cant find people to start them. @goldendawne and I cannot ship seeds internationally.

I would love to help, but given Costa Rica Community is small might need to wait few months until it consolidates.

Absolutely. @gardengirlcanada had issues with participation when she tried to start one in Canada also.

I will like both please, they will be useful

Sorry i meant the seeds or SBD

Oh this isnt a seed giveaway post today. If you live with the Continental U.S you can join @goldendawne's amazing seed giveaway she has going this week. We are not allowed to ship internationally.

Okay na, thank you

You can join in on the SBD giveaway though by following the rules above and qualifying for it.

Oh thank you, done all the rules already

Please double check.. You must comment, upvote and resteem to qualify for this giveaway

Oooo! I missed the seed giveaway! Oh well, SBD is good too!
Good luck all! Neat idea @beatitudes!

Check out @goldendawne seed giveaway she has going now its a huge package. I'll start my seed giveaway next week again.
You now qualify for this giveaway! Thanks for playing.

Thanks, I will! :D

Being new to the steemit world this would be oh so lovely! Thank you for offering this contest and helping the community out. I love that you give seeds away. I'm trying to become more knowledgeable on them and their uses. Have a good one!

@goldendawn and myself do a weekly seed giveaway keep an eye out for it. You qualify and are entered into this giveaway! Thanks for playing!

I like the seed giveaways! I always use them sometime, if not this year I will put them away for when I need them. It is always nice to change it up every now and again though.

You are qualified! @goldendawne as a great seed giveaway going on now. I'll continue to do them also if people want.
Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the mention!

Your welcome that is an amzingly whammy-bammy seed giveaway you have got going!
You are qualified!

I save seeds from fruit and such and then when I go for a walk in the country I plant them. Hopefully my children and grandchildren will have free apples and such in the future? Instead of having to buy GMO ones in a supermarket... :D Wishing you well!

Thats a wonderful Idea. Leave the world a better place for our children. You qualified. Thank you for playing.

Thank you. What is more important than this post though, is that we get this idea out to many many people. Plant seeds everywhere! Lets get Eden back! Much love!

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