Take My SBD Please!

in homesteading •  11 months ago

Let's Do It Again, SBD Giveaway!

We had really good participation last time so why not do it again.

We will still have 2 winners split 50% of the SBD made on this post.

To Play

You must Comment,upvote and resteem to be eligible for the prize

Good Luck To All!

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Pick me, pick me! :)))


Hehe good luck

upvoted, resteemed and now comment.

Comment...check! Upvote...check! Resteem...check!

I am lucky!

Oh SBD attracts me to be here. Hope I am on a bit lucky... thanks to the holder of this contest @beatitudes8. I am apreciate it.

Hi. I would like you to see my post:


I hope you like


You’re IN!


Awww this is great!!

Wanna join..followed,upvoted and resteemed

Done, done and done. Fingers crossed!

What Does SBD stands For????


It stands for “Steem Backed Dollars”, sometimes called “Steem Dollars”. It is one of the two cryptos on Steemit. You should be able to find the exchange rate in your currency. It is currently worth around 3.40 in U.S. Dollars.

ok...giving it a whirl

How much winner?

Hoping to get lucky and earn some SBD. :)

how to win it? what is just upvote, comment and resteem?

done, hope to win tho.. lol :)

Pick me for my graduation :D in college xD

Goodluck to everyone.

Is it toolate to play? Fingers crossed! Would love to win, as would everyone else I'm sure. Good luck y'all!

Done. Check and give me 😊

I'll give it a blast...


Nice, many thanks.

Good Luck Everyone!

All right, I'll try it out.


Sharing it with minnows so they can participate


Thank you,


I'm giving away free SBD too at the end of today! Participate here.

Upvoted, commented and resteemed!

give and try. win for first time :D

@beatitudes8 That's a very unique and simple way to earn.
Done my job!!!
Resteemed and
Commented as well.

I hope I could be the lucky one.!
Good luck to us, everyone!

I also like free stuff :^)

Let's Do it.
Upvoted and Resteemed.
I'm here for Participation.

Done all, Hope it will be me ^^ !.

In for the potential repeat!

Count me in ! 👌

Might as well go again :)

Hope I win :)

My first participation in a steemit giveaway, brand new this morning! Fingers crossed!

Commenting, upvoting, and resteeming. I appreciate Steemians helping newbies "minnows" to grow and I'm powering up with most of my SBDs so I can contribute more per vote :)


What does #45 indicate? I'm not familiar with the contest. The post I shared and commented on didn't have details. Can you link the original post with contest details in future contest blogs? That would help newcomers. Thank you!!! It's great to have opportunities to grow our wallets and reinvest in Steemit!


It’s just a number for the drawing


Thanks! Does everyone watch for a winner's blog post?


Yes if you follow me it should come up on your feed. If not just check back in 3 days. :)


Thanks for your response. I do try to keep up with my feed but my time online is limited. I'll watch for it!

Done it all😁
Pick me...😂

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I'm in. Good idea!

This is my first time but i know others are deserving more than me.

Awesome! Thanks for the chance! :)

I don't do well in contests, so here's hoping my luck changes...

Mine, mine, mine!!! Mine mine!


I i i, LOL!!!

Upvoted, resteemed, commented! Choose me senpai!

done with it. ;)

i am in what will i have to do