You Want To Homestead! Part Six!

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In this series, we have talked about building a homestead from just raw land and starting with a homestead that was already built, some pros and cons to each. We have talked a little about how much land you need if you are wanting to get certain animals and what amount of land is the minimum for some animals that you may want. In this series, we have talked about utilities and them going into the homestead and septic tanks and also a really important issue and that was water.

Now let's talk about building on the homestead. You have got all the utilities in and got that all done and you are setting up some temporary housing on the homestead. Because from experience I can tell you renting a house is not cheap when you are wanting to build a homestead debt free. It takes a lot from your budget for building your homestead up. There are many options for this, A camper or a motorhome is on option, as you have water and power and such on your homestead or finding something like a small mobile home that can be set up out of the way of the sites you want to build on. Even building a pole barn and making a section for living in and use the other part for a shop or something that you will need later on your journey of homesteading. Then use the living area later for a processing area when homes are built, there are many options here.

We found an old office mobile home for really cheap and did some work to it and made it temporary housing and will use it later for when we have friends come in or we do things like workshops or stuff like that on the homestead. We are also using a camper and a motorhome we had before we got the property and moved them to it and are using them also. There are really endless options on the way you can do this. Some of them might require out of the box thinking.

We are a family that likes to think outside of the box because some of the best ideas are the ones that people have not done and it will make your homestead unique to you and how you want it to be. Always check with your county to make sure it is good so there is no problems down the road. I am not big on having the government run my life but talking to them will make your life easier in the long run and you might give them an education also. To be honest, most small counties will not care if you are outside the city limits, the majority of the time.

Our first little out of the box thing was to build a little pallet cabin. We did not have to pull any permits because it was less than a certain square footage and was all good. It can and will be used as a storage shed later or as a small workshop, we will use it for something, it is out of the way for building the house we want on that part of the homestead. We had the power company here building a big, or should I say a huge, solar field a few miles from us. I went and talked to the contractors on the job site and asked about the pallets they had and what they were doing with them. They were throwing them away, can you believe that? We got all the pallets we wanted and then some from them for free just had to haul them off. This is just one stack of them! There are three more stacks like this and one of those stacks are bigger than this one. There are about 300 pallets here.

We want to continue to think outside the box and we are, as we are building with AirCrete and to take it one step farther we will be building all our house as domes. We are thinking outside the box and did not want to live in a box, so a round house it will be! It will be made out of square blocks though or somewhat square blocks!

Some thinking and research went into this as we are in the south and we can and do get some hurricanes and tropical storms in our neck of the woods. We get very little snow and ice so wind resistant homes were the way to go here. Ok, we did get a little snow here this year!

That is something you need to think about when building what you want to be your lifetime home. What is the rainfall or snow totals in your area, what is the runoff like for that when it rains or the snow melts? What is the basic weather like in my area do you get hurricanes or tropical storms? Is there going to be three foot of snow on my roof before I can get out there and clean it off or will it fall off the roof and block the doors? Will the soil hold the water or will it soak it in and not flood me out of my house? If it runs off where will it go? What will I have to do to make the water go where I want it to go?There are many questions you need to ask and get answers to these questions. Make informed decisions not quick decisions. I hope this has helped you in knowing what questions to ask yourself and was a guide to help you to make an informed decision. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and I hope everyone has a great day/night, whatever it is in your neck of the woods.

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if you don't think that local code enforcement is going to fuck with you, there are some amazing alternate building materials and techniques. Totally worth getting ahold one of the books that talks about them.

Lots of times if you are in the county you will not need to get a building permit. Check with the county and see if it is a requirement or not. If not you can do pretty much do what you want to do. Just remember that your family will be living in that house so study the codes so it will be safe to have you and your family living in it. Yes, there are many books about alternative building materials and many alternative building styles. I have a few about strawbale and earthbag and some others because of our research. They are great to read, always learn something new, it keeps the mind sharp.


Great post @basicstoliving. Nice thinking outside of the box. If anyone is building I think they must think of what might be ahead in the future. Like rising electric costs. The time it takes to pay for solar panels verses power hook up. Everything is worth consideration when it comes to living in a new build house and forever home. Thanks for helping others make tough decisions easier. 🐓🐓

There are many decisions that go into building your house, not only the house but where to put the chicken coop and how to run fences for your animals. Using solar is one thing we do want to do at a later time, that is one reason for the dome houses, solar can be put all the way around and we will be able to catch as much sun as possible. I hope I was able to help someone with what they need to think about.

No doubt you did help someone consider their decisions, before committing to the homesteading off grid life. 🐓🐓

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