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RE: My 2017: Achievements and Failures- Homesteading Year 2 on the Land (Moldy Yurt, Reality TV, Solar Power, Getting Grants to Plant Trees, Goats, High Tunnel and More!)

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Watched the show and was so stoked for y'all! The improvements they did seemed appropriate to the situation and delivered a substantial 'bang for the buck'. I especially liked the solution to irrigate the garden more efficiently.

Y'all have come a very long way and the progress is impressive. With the boost the new systems provide, I'm betting y'all will be having an amazing new year.


Thanks Aunt Deb! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah they really helped boost us for sure! So much gets cut out of those episodes- I wish my time with Misty would've had more air time as we had a lot of fun together!

Feeling super thankful and blessed.

Misty is a hoot! I would've have liked to seen much more of the footage. It has to be tough to choose what to include and, harder still, choose what to cut. Personally, I wouldn't complain if they made the show twice as long. ;~D

Haha! I know I'd love more of the footage- especially the drone shots! How cool to have those in years to come to see how it changes! Alas all of the clips are stored somewhere in the U.K. now LOL!

I wonder if they'd give you a few extra 'outtake clips' just for that purpose. Couldn't hurt to ask... ;~)