Ragtag Do-It-Yourself Weekly Challenge - On Hold

in homesteading •  7 months ago

The Ragtag Do-It-Yourself Weekly Challenge is on hold til further notice.

Due to lack of participation and difficulty typing the articles, the Challenge is not worth the effort it takes. When the effort isn't as frustrating, perhaps it will resume.

Many thanks to the folks who have supported the Challenge in the past!

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I'm sure folks enjoyed it while it lasted! But it's good to know when it's time to stop, too. I never participated because I'm not really good at coming up with ideas for projects like that.


I hope so. It doesn't help that Steemit has no direct messages so the 'tagged' folks know they've been mentioned.

I know you've been following the series and I appreciate the support! Just fyi if I ever revive it, you can pass along the challenge to someone else. magic-sasquatch had to do that when he got hit with the flu.

Maybe @uncle-dan could get out there and take some pictures of the rag tag and you could let us know what’s going on with it. Therapy getting any easier for you? ❤️🐓🐓
P.S. That’s my Lola dog singing in a dtube. @walkthisway taught me how to do a tube. Lol!


Congrats on the new skill and bravo to Lola for a great performance! Love her tail wags!

Despite being two weeks shy of May, spring is still be elusive. Nothing has been planted yet - inside or out. I'm holding out for the end of the month to get some radishes in the square bin with the lid. Fingers crossed, too, for getting some of the indoor seeds going by this weekend. As of now there's nothing there for pictures.

I'm also trying to figure out how to organize the heirloom recipe series. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

I've been keeping @uncle-dan busy toting me around to doctor appointments. Not fun since I tend to be cranky for those visits. Coordinating that many folks tends to result in a clusterfuck more often than not. Highly frustrating. Therapy is only coming along because I'm doing everything I can to make sure mobility is improving. I can write legibly, if a bit sloppily, and typing slowly getting better, too. I've only had the one therapy session and haven't heard if or when I've been 'approved' for more. Like I said - clusterfuck. Part of why I've been quiet is to keep my cranky off the blockchain. Y'all don't need to be subjected to that!

*Edited to add: This post only took me an hour to write. Last week it would have taken me three and only been half as long.


Wow! That was a long reply, and you were very expeditious posting it. I can tell you are frustrated by the set backs. Don’t worry about crankiness on here, we all know it hasn’t been an easy winter for you. One of the reasons I admire you so much is for your tenacity and spirit to never give up. You have been an inspiration to so many of us here. I just hope you listen to your body and rest with your feet on the heating pad and your sketch book on your lap.

My Mom made a recipe book for me that I just love. She included recipes from everyone in my family, plus the list of measurements and some tips in the back of it. Including how to get blood out of something, the different ways to use vinegar, she was pretty creative. I treasure it to this day.

You will figure it all out even if it is a big clusterfuck right now. Much Love to you ❤️🐓🐓
This requires no reply. Lola approved 🐶

Hope you’re doing a tad better and sending you warm California sunshiney hugs sweet friend!