New mega-project - well and water supply of the house

in #homesteading2 years ago (edited)

As soon as I finished my mega-project with the supply of electricity to the house, it was time to start a new one.

A new mega-project was the well and water supply of the house

The first thing I bought concrete rings with a diameter of 1 meter. A neighbor has a well depth of 5 m, but the water there is a little - 30 inches from bottom
so for my own well I decided to hedge and take 7 rings (7 meters)


Last weekend, after the rings were delivered and all the preparatory work to clear the area was completed, we (me and my friend) started digging a well.

We dug with the help of an excavator. Our soil is clay. This is clearly seen in the photo.


Up to 5 meters was red clay, after 5 went blue. But there was no water. I was beginning to doubt that we had chosen the right place. Choosing a place for a well is a separate story.

I don't really believe in magic with the dowsing, but my friend does, so he armed himself with copper wires and walked around the site waiting for the wires to cross. I was guided by secondary signs - in the place of the alleged well grew a lot of trees, in other places they were not. In general, our observations coincided, and we decided to dig in this place.

Closer to six meters from the ground began to ooze water. Of course it was too early to be happy, but I was very happy.


While we were installing and leveling the first ring, the water gained about 30 centimeters and I even managed to get water in my boots.

After a day of work, all the rings were installed.


Of course, the work is not finished yet, I need to install a well head, dig a trench for pipes, install a pump and a hydraulic accumulator, but the most important part is ready.


Oooh that's very exciting. Have you tested the water for quality yet? Mineral levels? Maybe seepage from nearby sewers and drains. EVERYone in Thailand has a well like this and that's the FIRST thing we do - make sure the neighbour's sewer or farm chemicals are not showing up in our drinking water. I look fwd to Part 2!

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No, I haven't tested the water yet. The neighbor's house and his sewage system are more than 100 meters away, and other water pollutants are not visible around. We have a fairly isolated area, although in the village. Neighbor only one and he practices beekeeping, so that chemicals in soil should not be. But I will definitely check the water.

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Wow, water is so shallow over there! Well here are drilled to 20 to 50 meters. Where the water is near the surface nobody would dare drink it of fear is contaminated.

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