My autumn

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Lately, I've kind of "abandoned" my blog, focusing on work and household chores. But today, examining the photos, I decided that it would be possible to share with subscribers some moments of my autumn.


As planned, we have increased the number of our chickens. Now we have 5 birds.


We moved them to the greenhouse for the winter. I built a small heated chicken coop inside the greenhouse.


I think the chickens will be there well. Our winters are not very cold, but frosts are periodically.

At the beginning of the month I gathered the last crop of zucchini. This year I got 8 boxes.


I thought there would be more, but on one bed there was no harvest at all, and some were destroyed by slugs and rodents.


Well, it doesn't matter, because I grew a couple of pumpkins and probably a whole bag of carrots, although I did not count on it at all



In parallel, I'm preparing for the winter and sawing old pallets for firewood, as well as continuing to build a house.


Mustard, which I planted in the place where the potatoes grew, rose perfectly and now the neighborhood bees are happy to collect the last nectar there.


Truth bees do not appreciate my gift and for the last month I have already been stung 3 times, and 2 times in the eyes. In the end, probably a whole week I went with puffy eyes :)

In general, all is fine and life goes on.


Thanks for sharing!

Good to see you back! I haven't been as active lately either. Life just gets too busy. I love your little indoor chicken coop. What a great idea! I'm sorry the bees are so unappreciative of your efforts. How mean of them to sting you in the eyes!

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Lovely to see you back. I'm especially smiling at the care you have taken to keep your chickens safe and warm. That makes me happy. :) Do you eat your mustard greens? Soooo nutritious! We eat them here in Thailand - either lightly steamed on the side with spicy fish, or stir fried with garlic and mushrooms.

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Thanks. No we don't eat mustard. We mostly use it as fertilizer and as eco detergent.

What will you do with all those zucchini? Those chooks are lucky having a heated house. What do you heat them with?

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I have a big family and we like zucchini, so we will eat them :) To heat the chicken coop, I used a piece of metal pipe and a 75 watt light bulb. At night, I just turn it on and the heat from this light bulb is enough