Planting white mustard

in #homesteading2 years ago

Hi, everybody. In the last post I told you that we have harvested potatoes. But last time I didn't have time to do a very important procedure - to protect the field from weeds and erosion.


Of course, I temporarily covered the ground with plastic wrap, but it's only temporary solution.

In our area, for the subsequent planting of potatoes, as cover crop white mustard is used. It not only protects plot against weeds, but also saturates the soil with nitrogen, which is useful for potatoes. Of course you can use chemical fertilizers, but I do not use them, so I planted mustard.


Removing the plastic wrap from the site, handed my son a bag of mustard


And I buried the seeds, leveled the ground with a rake and watered


In the end, it turned out like this.


Now it remains to wait for the seedlings of mustard and do not forget to mow it before the seeds appear :)


Oooh - always nice to learn new ways to give nitrogen back to the soil. As a lover of mustard seeds, I'm curious if you let it go to seed and harvest some for next time? And keep the rest for microgreens and indian curries & dahl?

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My wife and I are also lovers of mustard seeds, but we do not use them for food, but for washing dishes :)

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