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in homesteading •  2 months ago 

On the way back home, after a trip for firewood, I decided to go through the mushroom places and see are there any mushrooms.

I did not find any mushrooms, but I stumbled upon wild raspberry thickets.


Of course the wild berries are a bit small, but there were a lot of them.


I didn’t have any collecting container with me, so without hesitation I gathered raspberries into my cap.


Having collected half the cap, I realized that I had to go for help - my wife and children. I could pick up the berries myself, but bringing it home in a cap is not the best idea - berries are simply will be rumpled. I thought it will be better if my helpers will eat raspberries right on the spot.

So in the near future we will go to the forest with the whole family, maybe by that time the mushrooms will appear.

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