[Garden digest] Good and bad news

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As in the rest of the life in the garden, both good and bad things happens. I'll start with the bad.

We won't have carrots this year.


I planted 3 beds and a small patch of land, but apparently the seeds turned out to be bad, because there are very few plants.


It's a pity. My kids love carrots.

The trees that I transplanted with an exavator do not look the best either. The leaves wilted and turned yellow, in spite of the fact that I occasionally water them.


I hope they will get better by next year.

On one of the beds zucchini barely alive and barely visible among the weeds.


But the rest are "blooming and smell".


We have not finished the zucchini from last year's harvest, and a new one is ready.


The first pumpkin appeared. I had only 5 seeds of which sprouted only 3, but they feel good.


The fish in my pond feel great too. This time I counted 20 of them.


Cucumbers feels excellent and they grow well, despite the fact that I do not give them a lot of time, doing for the most part, not the garden, but the construction of the house.



In general, despite some negative points, everything is fine.


That's all the garden news for today.

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I'm sorry about your carrots! That's too bad. At least you'll always have zucchini! I hope the trees you transplanted survive. Transplanted trees generally need a whole lot of water until they get established. Are you going to make pickles with the cucumbers? They look like the pickling variety.

Yes, I had some bad luck with the carrot. :(
I know about watering transplanted trees. Their transplantation was not planned and I don’t have the right length of hoses to pump water for irrigation, and carrying buckets 60 meters is not a pleasant experience. Yesterday I poured 20 liters of water under each tree.
You right, it's a pickling variety of cucumbers, but we eating them fresh

They're not "negatives", per se, but learning processes in living & growing harmoniously with Mother Nature. I love my zucchinis small and flavourful - best sauteed in butter with mushrooms and fresh garlic. Your cucumbers are nice looking - the bumpy skinned ones are delish! Celebrate your successes and just rethink the "how to" on the rest. Enjoy your abundance.

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