Making a quick assembled corral panel out of pallets

in homesteading •  11 months ago

i am creating a new area for the livestock before winter . Running across the front I wanted to put something more than just woven wire. This is what I come up with. I have an abundant supply of pallets that I bring home from the day job.
Here is my procedure
First off I drove a t post at every other pallet. Then I slid the pallets over the t posts and lined them up. IMG_1759.JPG
At this point I took 2x4 I dug out Of the dumpster on a job site and lined them up, tying all the pallets together, by running a three inch screw through the tx4.I had already placed a railroad tie for the corner post so I tied them to that with the 2x . I did have to disassemble one pallet to fill in the last bit. But this worked pretty slick too. IMG_1756.JPG
I have so far used left over and reused materials on the whole project. I may have to buy a few screws to finish tying the panels together at the bottom. IMG_1753.JPG
With a little imagination and some dumpster diving I have managed to produce this corral panel for next to nothing. Just a little imagination and some hoarding.

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I love pallets. Great job.@rockybrookfarm


Thanks we go through a lot at the day job. Can't bare to throw them away so I pile them up till I need them


Awesome free building materials are alway great.

This is great! I love these types of projects. I make it a point to reuse and repurpose as much as possible here on the homestead. Unfortunately, pallets seem to be like gold in my small town. I think everyone has the same ideas, haha.


I get mine with building material that I receive . There is currently a lot of development going on in the black hills area and I dumpster dive for other materials and scrap metal when I have the time

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I have so far used left over and reused materials on the whole project.

Practicality can be priceless!