Last round of pumpkins for the year

in homesteading •  last year

Last 3 pumpkins of the year just came out of the oven.
We can usually make it a little longer but the drastic chilled snap we had last week froze them. I just keep them in my garage and usually even with an extended cold snap they don’t freeze but this year was a little extreme.
We just put the whole pumpkin in the oven and bake on 350degrees. Then use the meat in the same proptians as it calls for in a recipe.

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Love me some home made pumpkin pie. :} How long did you bake them for at 350 degrees @andre-ager?


Usually about an hour. But stab it with a fork to make sure it is soft all the way through


Will do. Thanks!!

Awwww, you pumpkins are too save and healthy yet haha cool!