Had a try at Rose Hip Syrup thanks to @llfarms

in homesteading •  9 months ago


@llfarms shared a recipe for Rose Hip syrup a couple of weeks ago. I decided to make a batch to finish off the winter Here is my version.
I mixed 1 cup of dried rose hips from the local market bulk section. I then sliced a little ginger and put in a half of tea spoon of cinnamon. I let this simmer for a good hour. 8EDCC7EF-DE7D-41F1-9A87-53E1C0ECB339.jpeg
I then dumped in a T-spoon of local raw honey and a couple of squirts of Lemmon juice.
Seem to turn out good. I will store it in the fridge.
Rose hips are super food for sure.
Check out @ Llfarms post here

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really rose hips are super food thank you for sharing

I wish I had rose hips growing naturally or nearby; I'd love to use in my soaps. Or in my herbal teas.


South Dakota state flower is a wild rose. they grow everywhere around here. I bought these at the local health food store though. They come dried and the seeds are removed . I will just grab some and eat like a raisin. a little dry but sweet.


Sounds like a perfect healthy snack to have around.
I'll have to see when the nurseries open up here in a few months if they have any rose hip plants

great article . can you tell me the use of this batch?


2 spoonfuls a day for vitamins c and a and the ginger is a natural antibiotic.

That looks amazing. We will have to try it. Thank you for sharing

My grandma used to do it, it was a special treat. Of course, back then you couldn't buy rose hips so she used to pick them her self.

wonderful post thank you for sharing.