Alternative forage ideas for your livestock.

in homesteading •  last year

As I have mentioned in some of my past blogging we are forage poor this year do to the dry summer and now fall we have had. So my son and I have been researching some different forage ideas. I had read sometime a while back of using tree leaves as forage so I have been collecting some of the local badges of leaves piled up here and there. I realize these are not going to have the protein content but mixing them with the hay is stretching out the hay supply. The cows love em! image.jpg
The Horse Tuti will eat them when the hay is gone.
I have made sure that I only use from trees I recognize as edible,
My next experiment I am going to try to sprout some oats to supliment. My son did some reading on this and there are operations that are feeding pure sprouts and little hay with wild success.

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