One Door Closes, Another Opens! Come Check Out This Community!

in homesteading •  5 months ago

As most of you know, if you are a homesteader or interested in homesteading, Homesteaders Online community is shutting down on Discord. Yes, it will be a loss to the homesteaders community but there is another community out there that has taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, and started up for you. There is something here for all of us to learn and do.

Do not get discouraged! Come check us out here on Discord! On Steemit we are @ghscollective

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We have got this community going and it is going great! We have many channels inside this community so come on over and find your niche. We have a Farmer Market section and we are adding new things all the time. We are doing voice chats and many more good things to come. This is a place you could even share your knowledge in a voice radio show and help us help others. So come on over and help us make a better place for you and others to learn.

If you want to learn about being more self-reliant, homesteading or even cooking up some delicious things for your family. Come check us out. We are a growing community so come share your ideas and knowledge with us and grow with us.

Thanks! I hope everyone has a great day/night, whatever it is in your neck of the woods. Remember to reuse, re-purpose and recycle what you can. Let's make this earth a better place for our children and their children. Always Forward!

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Join GHS Collective On Discord!


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GREAT group of people with a solid vision for the future- GREAT to see most, if not all, of the homesteadersonline community in the new group!


Ah thanks @goldendawne... I think I'm blushing, 🤗

Hey thanks for sharing this! I have always wanted to be a homesteader but the time is not yet right for our family. Definitely keeping this in mind for the time when we do! Thanks for sharing!


Start learning some skills now by planting some herbs in your kitchen windowsill and do lots of research so you will have some ideas when you are able to take that step in life. It will help motivate you as well. Thanks!

Yes it is! It will be a great community and I hope people that want to learn and gain invaluable knowledge will join and learn and grow with us.

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Nice job chugging along. Homesteading is a very important skill and provided tons of education for others who may not be a full time homesteader.


Helping people learn is the goal of this community. It is a skill that will be invaluable one day.

Well said @ambiguity! The community is anothrr great homesteaders place to learn from eachother!

Thanks for spreading the word