Homemade Herbal Healing Diaper Ointment; Step By Step Guide

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We all want what is best for our children, and sometimes that means throwing away the toxic chemically ridden products from the store and finding something better.

Over the years I have come up with recipes to replace the items we use to buy with better alternatives. I want to share those with you over the next few posts. You can see my herbal facial toner recipe here

Today I will be sharing a recipe for a Diaper Ointment packed full of beneficial herbs and oils that you can make yourself.

Let's meet our ingredients for this recipe;

The Herbs

Chamomile is known for it's calming properties, but it is also has powerful anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a perfect addition to this recipe.

Calendula has impressive anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help speed up the healing process and protect the skin from future infections

Lavender is another herb that is packed full of anti-fungal properties along with being known to help purify the skin. It is also full of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help the skin to heal.

Lemon Balm is full of antioxidants that help to protect cells from free radicals. It also has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and helps to stimulate circulation.

Marshmallow Root is an herb with antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties but it is unique in the fact that it has low concentrations of ceramide precursors, which is a natural hydrator. This herb not only hydrates delicate skin but actually helps skin to retain moisture as well.


The Oils

Organic Raw Shea Butter is full of high concentrations of fatty acids and natural vitamins which makes it an extremely nourishing ingredient. When Shea Butter is left in its raw state it is also full of anti-inflammatory properties and high levels of vitamin A and E. It not only moisturizes the skin, but protects it as well.

Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil is an excellent moisturizer along with being full of anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, but I like to include it in this ointment because of its anti-fungal properties as well. It helps to fight those dreaded yeast ridden diaper rashes that seem to plaque so many little ones.

Organic Olive Oil is full of anti-oxidants and has been used for centuries as a nourishing moisturizer. It also is my preferred Oil to infuse all those lovely herbs in, making it easy to add to any herbal recipe.

shea butter.jpg

The Power Punch

Bentonite Clay is a mineral rich clay formed from volcanic ash found naturally right here in The United States. In fact, Bentonite Clay gets its name from the largest deposit of the clay found in Benton, Wyoming. The clay works topically to detox and clarify skin. Bentonite Clay has a very strong negative electrical charge and since most toxins have a positive charge, it actually bonds to the toxins. It essentially absorbs the toxin (removing it from the body) while releasing its high level of minerals for the body to use. It also pulls hydrogen from cells allowing more room for oxygen. All these benefits together make Bentonite Clay the absolute best remedy for rashes I have come across.


Well, now that I have convinced you that this will be the best Diaper Ointment you have ever tried- Let me show you how to make it....

Herbal Healing Diaper Ointment

1/8 Cup Organic Raw Shea Butter
1/8 Cup Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup Organic Olive Oil infused with herbs of choice
1Tbsp Beeswax
1Tbsp Bentonite Clay

The first thing you will need to do is infuse your herbs into the Olive Oil. I do so by adding 2 Tbsp of each herb into a quart jar and covering with olive oil, I then place the oil in a dark location for 2 weeks. Here is a great tutorial on how to infuse herbs using heat to get a quicker result.

Once you have your infused olive oil you can start the process of making the ointment;

First place your coconut oil and shea butter into a glass jar.

Then add your beeswax...


Next I add the Bentonite Clay (be sure not to use a metal spoon while measuring your clay). Then I like to run some dried Lavender and Chamomile through the spice grinder and add 1/4 tsp of each to mixture for a nice scent.


Now we want to melt down the Beeswax and Oils. I do this by using a fancy recycled glass jar in a small pot of water over low heat... I like this method because I can have a designated jar for each item I make.. making clean up much easier.


Stir mixture until melted and combined ( I use a wooden kabob stick to stir), then remove from heat.


Now you will want to strain your herbal infused olive oil and add to mixture stirring well. Don't throw away the herbs you strained out though, just place them back into the jar and cover with more olive oil. Store in a cool dark place for future use.


Then just simply pour into container of your choice and use on your little one as needed.


We used this ointment recipe when our children were little and have shared it with many friends and family who have found it beneficial, We hope you do as well!


Thank you for reading and Happy Homesteading!


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I officially need my kiddos to be babies again so I could use this! I would have loved a remedy like this.


I feel the same...I have only made this for friends lately because my babies aren't babies anymore either. I have a few more recipes up my sleeve that might be better suited for you. Including an antibiotic ointment that has taken the place of neosporin in our home. It's great for everything from bruises, bugbites, cuts and scrapes etc. I'm hoping to get that one up this weekend. Thank you for reading!

Organic Olive Oil is full of anti-oxidants and has been used for centuries as a nourishing moisturizer. It also is my preferred Oil to infuse all those lovely herbs in, making it easy to add to any herbal recipe.
can you supply or export some?


Hey @wanasoloben! Thank you for reading. I don't actually produce the olive oil myself, but it is readily available online to purchase.

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Hey @llfarms,
Nice post! I make a lot of salves and balms too, I tend to use zinc oxide more often than clay but I have used both. I like how you add the dried whole herbs, nice touch!
Great post, love the pics :)
Take care,


Hey @amymya! Thank you so much! I actually have never used zinc oxide, I have thought about getting some to have on hand...but have never done it. I might have to do just that. Thank you so much for the kind words!


It's very handy! Great for skin soothing, stubborn rashes, sunburns, over scratched bugbites, that kind of thing :)

Wish I knew this when my babies were little. Thanks great post


Thank you so much!

This sounds wonderful. I bet it works great on chapped adult "areas" as well. I'm adding this one to my recipe collection! Thanks for all the information about the ingredients as well! :)


You're so welcome! This recipe is great for any skin ailment really...I have one a bit different than this that we use as an all over herbal ointment. Thank you for reading.

Very good, these are such wonderful, gentle herbs for babes and grown-ups alike! Lovely post!


Thank you! Some of my favorite herbs are in this one.

I wish I would have been chem/toxin free when I had little babes. I wish I could go back. But since I cannot, I can pass this on to my friends who do have wee ones. Thank you for this.


We have all been there! We can only do the best we can with what we know at the time. I think you guys are teaching your kiddos so many valuable things on the farm... The fact that they know where their food comes from and know how much work it takes is huge...not to mention all the life skills they practice everyday. Keep it up Mama!

Thank you for contributing your knowledge to help others! The Sotall Community has linked to your post here.. If you write any future articles with instructions on how to do any tasks related to a homestead or survival, to ensure they are added to the directory, please submit them. They will be added as soon as possible.

Even older people get diaper rash. It looks like a wonderful recipe. I would bet it has more than one purpose. Loved it. 🐓🐓


Very true! This recipe is great for any skin ailment for individuals of any age. Thank you so much! Love the chicks btw ;)

This is a really good post. Ive been looking at making a salve for myself (not disper rash though) for summer rashes.


Thank you so much! This recipe would work for that... I also make a healing ointment that we use for rashes, bug bites, scrapes, cuts etc with a few different herbs...same idea as this one but the herbs are a bit more powerful. I wanted to keep the herbs very gentle in one to be used on babies. I will be putting a tutorial out on the healing ointment soon, but it includes herbs of yarrow, plantain, comfrey, nettle, witch hazel and some others.


I look forward to it. Over the years, Ive foubd that Chickweed is great for rashes, especially on children and have had good success with it used fresh


I have heard so many good things about chickweed! I am actually adding to my medicinal herb garden this year and am very excited to begin incorporating it into items like this.


You wont regret putting it into your garden. On tip, it can be a bit hard to add to oils and salves because it has such a high water content. It accumulates copper from the soil too, which I think is the basis of many of its anti inflammatory characteristics

Great post. really well put together and very easy to follow. The pictures are great and the ingredients you use are spot on.great for babies and adults. thanks so much for sharing this with us all @llfarms


Thank you so much for reading and for the kind words!


you're welcome, it's a really well done post.

I bet this could be used for more than just diaper rash. I appreciate you for sharing this with us. I believe this is what we should be doing. Mother nature has everything we need to survive. Thank you ^_^

We make something similar, I am allergic to store brand ointments. Use to use Porters liniment salve, but that is hard to get. Hubby made me some stuff I use now.
Awesome stuff!