Homesteadersonline Discord Community Starts Seed Swap

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Homesteaders Online Community Seed Swap


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Back in December 2017, @beatitudes8 & myself began a seed exchange giveaway for members of the homesteaders online (HSO) group and community. We had some great seeds that we raffled off, and now that spring is knocking on our gardening and homesteading doors, we are expanding the seed exchange.

We will be continuing the weekly seed exchange giveaway- this is just another way to give back to the homesteading and gardening community

In the main HSO group on Discord there is a new channel called "Seed Swap". At the top of that channel we have pinned a post introducing the what the Seed Swap is.

Here is a brief overview:

We are having a great time with the seed exchange and will continue to do so, but this Seed Swap channel here is for members that:

  1. Have extra seeds they don't need
  2. Are looking for seeds they cannot find
  3. Want to try new vegetables, plants, flowers or herbs but not purchase thousands of seeds at once

You can trade, barter, offer for free or however you want to complete the transaction(s) with other members.A few members have been asking about selling and purchasing seeds from other members and this was the best way to have all the members involved; as you don't know what you may need or want to add to your garden.

PLEASE keep in mind,the DEAL is between you and the other member. Make sure you have confidence in a smooth transaction; as the HSO staff, or @beatitudes8 and @goldendawne, or any other moderator of the group is not responsible.

  • So if you have an abundance of seeds, are looking for seeds or just want to see what is available, head over to the Discord group.
  • If you are an HSO member and haven't been to the Discord group in some time, this is a great way to reconnect with the growing members' list.

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Community Link:

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wonderful idea, taking it back to the barter days, things were eàsier then

Exactly! We have such a GREAT group of members and to be able to share our harvest, seeds and future gardens is such a fabulous way to connect, give back and share.

Bartering is such a way of life that has been LONG forgotten.

This is such a great idea! I’m very much looking forward to being involved with this group!

Oh yes! The community and Discord group are SO WONDERFUL! You are going to love being in there. Always so much info and sharing happening.

Thanks for upvoting me
I will follow you and repay the good gesture

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Love it! The food industry needs to go back to the basics

So much prepackaged garbage out there.
And to pay for a pre-made salad? What in the world is that!

This is one of my favorite ways of community engagement!
People supporting gardening and natural development is incredible, such a useful resource to have at hand.

Thank you!
Yes... becoming more self-reliant, self-sustainable and learning new skills I believe is on the rise in the world; whether due to economics or self-growth.

Awesome project and great group! I'm looking forward to trying out the seeds I won. I'll keep the swap in mind and try to harvest seeds from the best producers. It would be cool to send those babies out to other gardens!

Thank you! I'm sure as the season goes on the influx of people looking for certain seeds will start to pick up. Bit in my mind, once my seed orders are placed, the race is on for EVERYTHING gardening!

thanks for sharing this info with us, @goldendawne - i will get back into the swing of things next week and start to counting, organizing, and swapping!

@jonpetrich - look, look!!! seed bartering!!!