Today is Family Day in Ontario....This is What Family Means to Me.....CHALLENGE.....What does Family Mean to you?

Every family has their own story, each family is unique and that is what makes it special. In the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and New Brunswick many people have a day off work and schools are generally closed on Family Day. Governments in each of theses provinces have dedicated a day to reflect the values of family and home that were important to the pioneers who founded this great country "Canada".

family 16.jpg

This photo above was once what my own little family looked like to me. A typical husband, wife and 3 kids in tow. We did many things together as a family.

family 18.jpg

Fishing was a large part of what our family did together. Winter or Summer there was fish coming into the house and cooked on the BBQ.

family 17.jpg

We enjoyed going as a family to Fishing Tournaments, where we camped as a family and attending country Hoe down dances.

family 14.jpg

Then one day our Family got a little bit smaller. Our family lost a father and my Husband. So Now family became a different kind of unit of people. We learned to get through the tough stuff and truly appreciated each other more and more.

family 11.jpg

Whether made of blood relatives, friends, or pets, or a combination of these, your family can offer you the support you need to thrive." We may not all get along with members of our own family, agree on issues, or even talk to one another. Every family has its challenges. There are many definitions of the word family. We all define what family means to us differently. To me, family means "The people in my life who love me unconditionally, support, and care about my well-being and the well-being of others."

family 5.jpg

There are many family members that had a huge influence in the person that I became and my grandmother was certainly one of them.

family 4.jpg

Today as my family grows and gets older and have moved on to a journey of their own, family times gets shorter and shorter and you learn to cherish the moments so much more when we do get together.

So this is a Post as a Challenge. We shall call it the Family Appreciation Week. I want to know what Family means to all of you. That's it. A simple post in your words what family means to you. It could be your plants, or animals or blood family or friends and neighbors, whatever family is to you. Write a post and at the end, TAG someone to challenge to do the same.

Today I will Tag @amymya a fellow Canadian from the east coast, where Nova Scotia does not observe this holiday, called family Day. Have fun with this.

Happy "Family Day" Trails Folks

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Your family is beautiful and you have beautiful children!!! Family time is most important and I am glad you are having great time with your loved ones.
For me my family comes first and family is group of member living together sharing love,joy and misery in every moment..They are your best friend of your life who understand you the most and always there with you!..Family is the source of power and strength and reason of living in this world...I am nothing without family like fish with our water..
So we should always enjoy family as much as we can coz you never know what will happen.
Thanks for sharing your family's beautiful pictures and I hope you had wonderful time with your family @gardengirlcanada

Happy Family Day! I will do y best to write a post about this :)
I wish you and your fam all the love on this day <3

I'm so sorry for your loss, I know how it feels to loose someone of own blood :(
But life goes on and we have to survive in this world, make your kids strong you got a handsome young boy and a beautiful young girl I wish them all success in life :)
Have a good day

Beautiful and lovely to enjoy our families while we have them and have time with them to simply share with and enjoy them. Much love to you all @gardengirlcanada for the nice times spent, awesome photo!

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