Electrosmog.....what? Electrosmog.....This post is dedicated to the urgency of the impact it is having on Bees and Colony Collapes Disorder and the migratory path of the Butterflies. Yes it is understood, that chemtrails, pesticide use, viruses or parasites all play a contributing factor as well, but increasingly the numbers are pointing more to Electrosmog.

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Folks as an avid gardener, I have done much research about this topic over the years, and recently revisited some of the connections that I have had with scientists in this field study. I have been informed that it is increasingly becoming so urgent to draw much attention to this area. The area where I live has a rather large population of Scientists, due to the largest Nuclear Facility in Canada at my back yard, so we bump into these guys quite often, and recently I had some open and honest discussions with a couple while out shopping or at a gas station, the initial conversation led me to a further in-depth discussion and truly feel a strong calling to inform my fellow gardeners about this very real threat that is giving virtually zero attention.


Electrosmog is an invisible electromagnetic radiation from both the use of wireless devices and electricity.

Here are some of the typical device that are a source of wireless electrosmog, a cordless phone, a cell phone, cell towers, WIFI Networks and Cordless baby monitors and alarms.
Cordless baby alarms
Electrosmog creates the perfect environment for a condition called ELECTROSENSITIVITY or ELECTROHYPERSENSITIVITY. There have been many unknown aliments that medical professionals have been stumped on, or offer misdiagnosis to patients. The most common symptoms of these conditions are; Headaches, Fatigue, Depression, behavior patterns in kids, skin conditions, increased blood pressure, and many more. The most vulnerable class of people are kids and seniors, they are the most at risk. Research once thought that the conditions and health risks effects from electrosmog may take 10 – 20 years to display themselves, but for in many, these negative effect may appear immediately.

The negative effect on our bee's is the result of a colony Collapse Disorder. This happens when a large majority of the colonies worker bees disappear but leave the Queen Bee behind. As we all know as gardeners Bee's are crucial for pollinating our plants and vegetables. Research has revealed that Butterflies can disrupt their geomagnetic orientation. And as we know Butterflies will also pollinate as well.

So "Will Some Device Save The Bees from Bee-Colony Collapse Disorder?"

Hobbyist bee-keeper Sigfried Vogel from Hüttung, Germany has discovered a way to safely shield his precious little honey makers.

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PHOTO: Werner

An old truck has been until recently the domicile of a total of seven bee hives. Siegfried Vogel (in picture) has lost four of his bee colonies in the past year - those which were located behind wooden shielding on his truck. His son Reinhold has had better luck: He still owns his three colonies of bees which are located behind and protected by a portion of aluminum shielding on the same truck. Hence, Siegfried Vogel is now advising all beekeepers to protect their colonies of bees from mobile-phone radiation with aluminum shielding.

Bees dealth 3.jpg

We also can protect ourselves by moving our Wifi Network equipment away from the desk in which we work at, leave our cell phones on a table or move it away from where you commonly sit, and never leave it on your bedside table at night. You may also want to consider purchasing for around $80 to $120 an Electromagnetic Detector to measure the levels of the electromagnetic radiation produced in your home.

So that's it folks, as Industry funds further research in this area, and it is more widely accepted that this is a real problem, there may be more options available to us to avoid and reduce our exposure to electromagnetic pollution. I hope this helps to open gardener and beekeeper's eyes to these real threats to our environment and the vegetables we grow.

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This is a really important issue to me and many others and should be to us all. I don't think we understand it's effects in the slightest as it has only been present such a short time. WiFi and 4G coverage in all major cities and most of everywhere else. After living for 5 years almost as far away as possible from heavy electrosmog as I could get I now notice its effects a lot more when I go to the city for an extended stay. Mainly ear ringing and lethargy but even just putting the WiFi hotspot on nowadays my hands start to feel fried pretty quickly. There have been experiments done that show cows going mad with exposure to 5G.
Definitely important we don't sacrifice our health for a few bytes faster.

Great post..Yes now days technology is growing day by day and if bee are effected this may be our last day..Thanks for your picture and information..@gardengirlcanada

I follow your share with pleasure
thanks for your support 👍Gardengirlcanada

Very cute post, thank you for sharing. The meme on if we die we are taking you with us killed me. LOL!
The poor guy who lost his colonies, I feel so bad for him and the bees. In your research did you find much on pesticides and chem trails that may be a factor in the recent huge loss of bees in the world? Its catastrophic. xx

I also feel like the transport of the bees from one side of the country to the other messes them up too. So we take them from Florida in the summer to New York, then they get sent to California in the winter and they have no freaking idea where they are and the electrosmog blocks their natural homing devices.
This is also a problem with whales and submarines, and I can only imagine what the thousands of miles of underwater cables are doing!


Ya really never thought about the migratory path of marine mammals Thanks for the insight

I had no idea about this... And it's terrifying. We are so used to having all these things that we doesn't stop for a moment and looks at the consequences.
And the bees... We really need them.

Wow, THIS post is very interesting. We have to take care of our planet because this is the only one we have. I learn a lot with this post. Thank you for sharing good content.

Olivia D.

This is so cool. Thank you for a well-explained post here; I am so interested to share this with my students this week at school! :)

Algo de esto había oído, por eso evitó dormir al lado del celular y de cosas electrónicas.

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing @gardengirlcanada

Thank you for sharing, upvoted and resteemed! People need to know!

This is a very important issue. But realistically looking at this I can't see how people can prevent a ginormous growth of technologies and their affect on our environment. I have also written article about my personal experience with Chinese air pollution. You can check it out here