Strawberry Spinach....Cold Climate....or Warm Climate plant...Excellent Addition to Any Salad....It's a Weed.

I bought this packet of "strawberry Spinach" last year and unfortunately I did not find a place to plant it, but this year I have a perfect spot. It is a rather rare seed. From my research it is a wild seed, but it is an annual, that reseeds itself. Some have also referred this plant to "Beetberry", "Strawberry Blite" Blite Goosefoot, Strawberry Goosefoot, Strawberry Blite, Strawberry Sticks, Beet Berry, Beetroot, Indian Paint, and Indian Ink. It's technical term is "Chenopodium capitatum syn. Blitum capitatum.

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Strawberry spinach is more to do with spinach, and not the Strawberry. This is a great herb within the spinach family. Color is the only common denominator between the actual berry to the strawberry. While the berries are tangy in contrast to the actual strawberry, however the leaves are sweeter than the typical spinach leaves. Both berries and leaves are amazing in any salad. I have had the pleasure of eating several salads with this "strawberry spinach".

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It is native to North America in both the United States and in all regions across Canada including the North. It is also reported to be found, within New Zeland, and some parts of Europe. The best way to plant this is to direct seed in the ground as early as you can work the soil. Early spring is the best time within the regions in the US and Canada that have cold climates. They can withstand a late season frost or early fall frost. But it is also a good plant for warmer climates with heat being a factor. They thrive in heat. But it is suggested to plant in the warmer climate zones in late fall for a spring harvest. As it reseeds, you only need to plant one time. If you do not want it to resurface, then deadhead the plant to avoid the reseeding. Many refer this to a "weed", but hey free food is always a great option. Easy to grow, its the kinda plant that you plant and forget about it until you want to harvest it. So wish me luck, when I plant it this year. I will post about my success and an eventual salad that I will enjoy over the course of early summer.

Happy "Strawberry Spinach Trails" Folks

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Strawberry spinach is really cool stuff. I successfully grew it only once, I am trying again this year. You are so right about the leaves, so sweet tasting! Good luck with growing! Sending good planting vibes <3

I upvoted your post and am following you, I joined steemit to share my passion for e recyling and gardening. i plan to show people various cloning and air layering techniques, Follow me if youd like to see my posts on it and if you like my introduction give me a upvote. im new here as of only a few horus ago and trying to expand my following fast as i have a postive message to spread! thanks btw im also from canada

Welcome to steemit. I am now following you too. I look forward to your content.

Not heard of this plant before, interesting! No doubt another feather in your cap when it comes to a nutrition resource in hard times (or even less reliance in good times).
I am always interested to know how you Folk in Canada, especially in the more Northern areas get along with growing crops, would be interested to see your Greenhouse options.

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