SEEDS....Experiment Results From Last Season of Growing....What have I learned about the CARROT Seeds

As I started to pull out my bucket of Seeds from last year, to see what I need to replenish, I wanted to dedicated this post to which seeds produced and which did not consistently across the brand and types. Now I do understand that there are many variables that affect the success of your plants in the garden, such as climate, exposure to sun, soil quality to name a few, however this experiment has been ongoing for a couple of years. I used the same seed packets for 2 years in a row, where we experienced very different climate conditions, and the soil was PH test for each of these seeds for both years. So without further ado, let's start with my most difficult vegetable to grow.....CARROTS.

seeds 2.jpg

As you can see, I have tried, the seed tape, and that 2 years in a row, did not produce more than a handful of carrots. This package had a few sheets of the tape, so I planted one string of tape one year and the other the next year, and both years consistently produced only a handful. I test the soil both years and the ph was appropriate for carrots. They were planted by themselves in a raised bed so lots of drainage and no issues caused with companion plants. My plants were not overcome by insects so that was not the issue. Perhaps I can attribute the lack of success to this thought. Maybe the seeds on the tape when I purchased them were old, however I did buy them in early June 2 years ago, so I would not think that, and the fact that I did not buy them on clearance or sale. So This year I will buy from a different nursery, and I will try one more time with a seed tape, and I think this year I will change the location of where I will be planting.

I also tried in a different location another type of seed, the pink collection of the "Sow Easy" seeds. Ok so here is my opinion on these. They are seriously not worth the extra money for them. I have purchased several packets over the course of the 2 years and had actually slower growth in the carrots that I planted and they all seemed to be like a baby carrot version, none appeared to grow larger than my middle finger, despite the envelop not stating they were baby variety.

seeds 4.jpg

Then I purchased these "Patio" carrot seeds and planted them in a larger planter that had good drainage and I moved it out in the sunniest of places in the gardens. I also watered it with my rain barrel water, and removed it from the downpour rains that I had often this past summer. Over the course of the 2 years of growing these carrots in containers, again I saw very little growth. I checked the PH and all was good. So I do not feel that these carrot seeds sold as a container seed were worth the extra money to purchase.

The best success I have had to date, was with the packet of the McKenzie Jumbo "Scarlet" variety. It was planted in the same soil consistency, and exposed to all the same conditions that the other 2 packets were, sadly I planted only a smaller patch so the yield was smaller. So this year I will be purchasing a new packet of these Jumbo carrots and planting a larger patch.

I will conduct further research and experiments with some new seeds that I buy this year for carrots. Also I have spoken in great lengths with some of the farmers down the road who had great success in growing carrots for their horses, and they swear by, the TSC bulk carrots packets the "Heritage" or the "Matchless" brands so I think I will be picking up a packet of those and giving them a place in my garden this spring. Now if only this darn snow would go away so I can at least see my grass and the soil in my gardens.

Happy "Seed" trails Folks

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We're saving our carrot seeds, so I'm not sure exactly when it was when we last bought some... But the varieties we like are Chantenay and Little finger. The first grow great in our no-dig clay soil garden and the second are super fast to grow and be ready to harvest, as they are tiny, but super delicious!

I am continuing my research for a successful bounty of carrots this season. My soil is not clay.

Very interesting results! I hope you have a successful season growing carrots 🥕 this year!

I never really considered that seeds could go bad. Kind of a food for thought moment.

Wishing you success this year with your carrot harvest and planting!

Yes the rule of thumb is 2 years, but you can test them by placing a seed in a moist paper towel and see if it grows roots. But the standard rule of thumb is 2 years.

Great experiment! Carrots are hard to grow. Good luck and keep us posted.

I can't say I have ever had my carrots only grow tiny little roots but they also don't grow big like the ones in the store either. More like half way in between.

Not sure what might be causing the issues you are having with carrots.

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