My Valentines Day Gift...Not traditional..Love it.

Yesterday My Valentine @canadianwoodguy surprised me with the much needed cabinets shelves for my bedroom. I really had no where to put all my gardening and cook books, among many other this. Well he showed up for supper with these.


I invited @canadianwoodguy for a nice supper. I made a homemade Cherry Pie with frozen Cherries from the summer. Then I made him bread batter Jumbo Shrimp, with Angel Hair pasta and Alfredo.

Valentine’s Day was a great day. Next up my Birthday, and Mother’s Day. Oh the possibilities with a piece of wood!

Happy “Valentines” Trails


Is there cherry pie left?

Yup, I sent the remainder home with him

Nope Midnight snack...Thank you @gardengirlcanada

Sounds like a win/win! Very heart warming! I am glad to see this, organizing can be so rewarding. I look forward to seeing more!

Yes Organization is a must each Spring it gives your mind and soul a sense of freedom. Thank you.

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

High quality posts always from both . Thank you for doing excellent work.😀

WHAT a fabulous neighbor, man, woodworker, friend and so much more!!!
You are one lucky gal @gardengirlcanada! All that AND the shelves!
Which by the way... those shelves are beautiful!

You have won my heart too @canadianwoodguy!

Trust me she needed them, have you seen all her gardening and cook books, and house plants. Thank you for your kind words.

Can't wait to see an update picture of ALL her books!
hint-hint @gardengirlcanada 😊

Will do my friend. Can't wait to fill the shelves. He is making doors for them today. Wonder what I will cook for supper tonight for the doors. LOL

Happiness is around the corner ...haha

That sounds awesome!!

that is so sweet :)

that's so sweet of him 😍

Doesnt matter modern or traditional V gift, as long as its useful, meaningful to you, and you're happy, thats the thing that matters the most. You are so much loved! :)

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