Making 100% MAPLE SYRUP Baked Squash .....The Sap is Running....Time to Cook With this Liquid Gold

This evening for supper I wanted to make a treat that many Canadians enjoy. Squash baked with Maple Syrup. I recently sent @daddykirbs a small bottle of Maple Syrup and told him about using it with squash and he asked for a demonstration so here it is.

First you Need your Typical Acorn Squash. I like to wash mine fist before cooking.

squash 3.jpg

Then you cut it as you would in preparing any squash.

squash 2.jpg

Then you clean them out. I like to save all the seeds and dry them out for summer planting. But that is another post entirely.

squash 1.jpg

Next we take butter and smother it all over, I use a spoon and spread it around.


Then I take some of that wonderful Liquid Gold and put some about half a cup in a small bowl and put in the microwave for a minute, makes it easier to spread when it is heated.

squash 7.jpg

Then you pour it all over the the top and the insides forming a small pool in the bottom.

squash 6.jpg

Then you put them into the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, or until soft to insert a fork. Let cool and scoop out the squash from the rind of the shell.

squash 5.jpg

And there you have it. A sweet tasting squash to enjoy for supper. Just dab a little butter on top while it is still warm, and serve.

squash 4.jpg

Happy "Maple Syrup Squash" Trails

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That looks tasty. As far as i'm concerned you can put maple syrup on anything.

yum! I agree, it really is very good - and everyone should try it at least once! I know what I'll be making tomorrow because seeing your photos has given me a craving.

That looks different. Never seen an acorn squash before.

Really. Acorn squash is pretty popular around these parts. I grow them in my garden.

Nope Never seen one, butternut squash is the only one I've seen.

It's been a long time since I've had acorn squash! I've never tried cooking them before, now I have an idea of how to do it.
I forgot about the sap rising at this time of year, I'm guessing the local sap gatherers are rather busy right now. :-)

So envious. I love maple syrup, but it's so expensive for the real deal here in Australia!

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Wow.. Yummy food.. And very good post thank you my friend

Headed to a maple sugar shack this weekend, we'll have to try this :)

Oooh, I haven't made this in ages but my whole family loves it! Thanks for the reminder and what an awesome post :)

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