"Live" Saturday Morning Show Not to be missed "Daddykirbs Live on the Homestead on Youtube"

I have had the pleasure to watch a couple weeks now of the Live @daddykirbs show he hosts each Saturday morning, so far. I love how it is a simple man, living a simple life with all that life throws at him. He is a family man, farmer of Livestock, and a gardener. I just wanted to dedicate this post to let all my homesteadersonline friends know about this Live video each week. Blake is amazing at interacting with the online chat and answering many many questions. So if you really truly enjoy garden and livestock talk on a typical homestead, then you will enjoy these as much as I have.

I know there are a few of our steemit family already watching, which is great. So I encourage you all to go and have a listen or watch. His homestead is beautiful.

Here is the link to Saturday March 3, 2018 show.

Happy "Youtube Daddykirbs Trails" Folks

Join Link: https://discord.gg/VKCrWsS
Community Link: http://homesteaders-online.com


Ah shucks, now I'm blushing. 😀

I just think it's great that, we as a community have an opportunity to have a live Q&A about livestock and gardening from an experienced person.

And we have Mods to keep the chatroom Family Friendly!

It is sad that there has to be MODS to keep it that way!

Very good videos...👍👍

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