Ragtag Do-It-Yourself Weekly Challenge, Week 14

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Ragtag Do-It-Yourself Weekly Challenge

I've kept the rules simple and few, so everyone will feel free to dive in.

1. Choose 3 items each from the Resources and Tools lists.

2. Explain how you built your virtual project.

3. Pass the challenge along to someone else so we can swap as many ideas as possible. Who knows, they just may have the solution you need to a pesky problem or a suggestion that fits your situation like a glove!

4. Use #diyragtag so we can find your post.

Here's an example:


Two 2x8 Boards, 8 ft. long ~ Old Window
A Dozen Bricks ~ A Large Plastic Tarp

TOOLS - Pick Three

Hammer ~ Saw ~ Drill ~ Shovel ~ Cart ~ Ax ~ Wedge
Trowel ~ Staple Gun ~ Post Hole Digger

Your choice on power or hand tools. Fasteners are freebies.


Use the saw to cut the boards in half, making 4' lengths, 8" wide.
Use the hammer & some nails to make a 4'x4' square box that is 8" tall.
Place the box over plants to extend the growing season by protecting them from frost/freezing.
Put the window on top of the box to make a mini green house out of it.
Use the bricks as needed to adjust for venting and/or raising the height of the box and/or the window to accommodate plant height.
Use the cart to haul your harvest to the kitchen.

The challenge will run from Saturday to Saturday.

Pick Three

Four 8' Long 4 x 4 Wood Posts
One 4' x 50' Roll Chicken Wire
Sixteen 8" x 8" x 16" Concrete Blocks
Eight 6' T-Posts

Pick Three

Hammer ~ Saw ~ Drill ~ Shovel ~ Cart ~ Tin Snips ~ Wedge
Trowel ~ Rake ~ Post Hole Digger - T-Post Driver

Your choice on power or hand tools. Fasteners are freebies.

This week, I'm tagging @freedompoint to take on the
Ragtag Do-It-Yourself Weekly Challenge!

Remember, everyone is welcome to join in.
Let your imagination take charge and see what happens...
The more, the merrier!

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I will think on this. The project may be simple but I will think of something.


Cool! It's a fun little puzzle to play with!

Best wishes to you...

Best of luck to all the contestants!

Sorry to hear you're ill. Best wishes for a fast and complete recovery.

I hope everything is well. Have a wonderful week!