New Items at Homesteaders Co-op "Facial Masks for all Skin Types" by Sunscape

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Another week of creating a new line of "Face Masks" for different skin types. I chose some of the best ingredients to make up each unique mask for all to enjoy. I am so pleased with the results and how wonderfully, refreshed and renewed my face and neck feel after using each one. I know you will love them too, so be sure to stop on by the #homesteaderscoop to see this week's new items.




If you have yet to discover the Homesteaders Co-op or to meet some of the vendors that make up this great community, be sure to click out and see what is happening. There is a nice variety of handmade items, homesteading seeds, honey and some wonderful, artful creations from our family here on Steemit. I hope to see you there. Better yet I hope to see you join us to share your creations with us all.
Facial Mask & Bars

Until next time, this is Sunscape...

Sun. Scape. Ing your day

Homesteaders Co-op - Sunscapes Soap Shop
Etsy Store - Crystal Vibrations
Etsy Store - Sunscapes Soap Shop

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I was just at your etsy store the other day browsing too. I have some Paypal money to use up and was hoping etsy accepted it, but they don't.


I am glad you were over on etsy, I have people pay with paypal all the time. I wonder why you had a problem? Well I have most of my things here on the homesteaders co-op too.

Okay, I have to correct myself. Etsy won't let Sunscapes Soap Shop receive paypal. I do have another shop for years and it still does allow paypal. However, etsy sent me an email saying they will no longer allow it there either. So you are correct. They want everything to stay strickly within the etsy platform now.

These are awesome! Great to see you extending your line- love it. I've been meaning to check out your soaps :)


Thank you mountainjewel, there is always something I can find to create. ;-)

Wow, great! I love facial masks and I'm sure these are super! ^_^


I love them too Silvia. My skin feels wonderful after.