Updates On The Homestead: Exciting New Things Popping Off!!

Winter is coming to an end and the 2020 new garden year is about to begin for us here at Kindred Acres. So many new and exciting things popping off!

-We were asked by the Earth Warriors group to take part in a special mission to plant a very special endangered melon seed in attemps to save seeds and spread the word about this special melon. We were asked to document the journey. This seed has a lot of history in Montreal and the Earth Warriors group has been a follower of our homestead and felt we were a great fit for the project. It was an honor to be asked so of course, we accepted. The Earth Warriors group got the seeds sent to them from a seed bank with very specific instructions on who could and how the seeds were to be handled. We got the seeds in the mail from Earth Warriors and are ready to start this journey! We will do our best to record the adventure along the way.

-A follower donated a beautiful Japanese Maple to us that we will be planting in the next day or two.

-I’ve also worked on obtaining some really amazing goodies I’ve had on my desired list for quite some time. They are on their way to us and should be here in a few days!

-The beekeeper came to do a site visit and we chose a location for the rented bee boxes here at Kindred Acres. The bees will be delivered in another month and a half. We are super excited about this next adventure. The keeper will mentor us on the road to owning our own bee boxes. We will get to be there with him when he checks the hives and harvests the honey so we can ask all the questions we need to and learn all we can before we are set off on the journey to being our very own beekeepers.


-Although the internship didn’t pan out with the people I met with (it wasn’t the right fit), we are starting a mentorship program and will be meeting with a few people to work out a schedule. We will choose a number of people to take under our wings, teach them all we know in exchange for their help here. We have it set up at the moment for one day a week for 3 hours each visit. If things go well we can see about expanding this option. The mentorship will benefit us and the mentoree.

-Spring is right around the corner! We will be starting some seeds this week indoors for some warm weather goodies like peppers.

Stayed tuned for more great news, positive vibes, and learning experience.

With lots of love
-Kindred Acres

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