Busy Day on the Homestead!!

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Check out what's going on here at Kindred Acres!! Here are a few pics of some pretty things, our harvest, and our tasks for the day.

Time to harvest yet even MORE Chinese Spinach! We've been blessed with an abundant amount of this. We have several freezer bags full of blanched spinach in the freezer, 2 quart jars full of dehydrated powder for smoothies, and we have eaten soooo much of it fresh and in sautes.

Some Mississippi Heirloom Purple Cow Peas peaking out from the side of the Chinese Spinach

Longevity Spinach growing very happily underneath the fig tree.

I love passion flowers. Just so stunning!! They make excellent herbal tea that helps with relaxation.

Blurry....but we got a basket full of Chinese Spinach, lots of Chinese Noodle Beans and Rattlesnake Pole Beans, basil, okra, some tomatoes, 2 more watermelon, and eggs of course.


We have a big bag of beans in the fridge already so these will be trimmed, blanched, then frozen for winter use.

And even more watermelon..... I think we will have watermelon until winter at this rate!! lol. This round is going to be made into Watermelon Jerky!!

A delicious saute of eggplant, basil, garlic, onions, sweet peppers, tomato, oregano, and spices next to a bed of Chinese Spinach topped with tuna salad. It's what's for lunch.

Processing beans.....

Our dehydrator is full to the brim, our apothecary is filling up quickly, as is our freezer, and of course....our hearts! ;)

What's been your favorite thing to grow this year?? Leave us a comment to let us know you stopped by!!

With lots of love
Kindred Acres

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You've been visited by @porters from Homesteaders Co-op. Such abundance from the homestead! That Chinese spinach is new to me but it looks like quite an attractive plant too, along with being nutritious and delicious! It is hard to pick out anything in particular that I like to grow in the garden, I just really appreciate being able to go out and harvest fresh food from the garden. Thanks for sharing about your harvest sounds like you will be well stocked up for the winter! --- Homesteaders Co-op A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD): https://homesteaderscoop.com follow: @homesteaderscoop

Thanks so much!! The Chinese Spinach is also known as Vegetable Amaranth. It's seriously abundant. I cut it and it grows back faster than before. It will provide for the entire season tirelessly. It's tasty and preserves well. You can either blanch and freeze or dehydrate. We have done both. It looks like we will be going into winter pretty well set!! :) We have a good amount of squash hardened off, sweet potatoes cured, spinach dried and frozen, beans blanched and frozen, pickles, etc. :) Very exciting!

What a great harvest. I'd not heard of watermelon jerky. You do very well preserving everything! What kind of dehydrator do you have?

I used to have a nice Excalibur but had to sell it when we moved and now I just have an inexpensive round one. It does have a nice range of temp settings though so that is good. It's a 5 tray though. I wish I had my Excalibur again....one day I'll save up to get another. :)

That's good your round one has temp settings! Too bad about the Excalibur. :((

You did know they have reconditioned ones with the same 10 year warrantee? One of mine is one, my sister got it for me. Much lower price...

Yep, I plan to look into those. :)

Amazing harvest @kindredacres 😍 you have all the healthy beautiful things for winter I think 😉 how does the chinese spunach taste if you eat it freshly? I like any type of spinach in form of chips😍

It has just a little stronger of a 'green' flavor than say Bloomsdale spinach but not much. The younger leaves are more tender and mild. The larger more mature leaves are a bit more fibrous and green flavored but totally not anything that is off-putting. It's a really yummy green.

Thanks for the information.. I must admit that webdidn't eat spinach raw and fresh here, at least we cook it as clear soup or for a special kind of rice porridge and never as salad...that's why I wonder how the taste is..

How wonderful! There's nothing better than a good harvest. I've never had watermelon jerky - how does one make it?

You slice it, remove rind and pits, cut into medium sized strips, and dehydrate (set the dehydrator to 135 - it takes a long time....aprox 18-24 hours, so fill the dehydrator up to maximize space). It concentrates the sugars/flavor and the texture ends up sort of like like a gummy bear candy crossed with a laffy taffy. Best way I can describe it. Lol. They are yummy! It's great for when you have a bumper crop! We also juice them and make popsicles, or freezer bags full for smoothies, etc. :) Great way to use up the watermelons so they don't go to waste!

Yum. I planted some watermelon seeds this year, fingers crossed they grow this year.

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We had/have a huge bumper crop of watermelons. Wishing you the same! What variety did you plant? We had Ali Baba and Moon And Stars yellow this year. Next year I'm planning on growing Orengeglo and possibly Ali Baba again. Not sure though.

Your post was featured in @ocd's Daily Issue #47! and being the 'people watcher' I am, I had to come peek at your pictures!

What exactly is Watermelon jerky? That sounds interesting!

Hey thanks for checking us out!! I was literally just about to make my post about watermelon jerky so hang in there. ;) Check back in a bit and I'll explain it all WITH photos. You won't regret it! :)

I just posted it. :) Let me know if the post answers all your questions! :)

Bren! That spinach is beautiful!!

Isn't it!! And this is one you CAN'T kill!! lol. I know what you are going to say...you kill everything....but I promise, this is super super easy to grow! You should give it a go!

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Oh wow!! Thank you so much!! Y'all rock!! XOXOX