My First AMAZING Purchase From @Homesteaderscoop - Using Steem

You know that "thing" you have to have? Despite my stated, rock-solid intent to squirrel away & power up all steem RELENTLESSLY, without distraction, till the major bull run hits, well...? I caved. Today. Cos I wanted it that bad.

Looking back from my Thai-Burmese sustainable mountain paradise in years to come, when people ask me exactly when my commitment to the Earthship Artemis was crystallized and consolidated?, I will have to answer honestly and say that it was TODAY, Tuesday 9th April, 2019. Because in an instant, today, I just KNEW this was my next journey, and I had to have the book.

How did it happen? I was being a good steem-team player and scrolling through all the new #ecotrain posts since yesterday - it's my job to comment and upvote them all. And I saw Part 2 of @eco-alex's biotecture series, scrolled through and before I got to the bottom of the post to make my comment I SAW IT. The link.

Now I have known about THE BOOK for quite a while, but am in the middle of an avid, active and 15-years-long boycott of Cos someone needs to be that person. It doesn't matter how good your book or product is, if it's on amazon I AIN'T BUYING IT. And so I waited. Until today, when I saw that I could buy it directly from @homesteaderscoop (with no huge cuts to paypal or some middle people using my money to pay absurd amounts in divorce settlements) for the incredibly reasonable price of 7.007 steem.

What was I buying? This:
Screenshot 93.png
Screenshot 92.png

Why? Cos I believe in freedom, connection with Mother Earth and living-playing outside the system. And I want a gorgeous, comfortable, sustainable home for myself and my daughter which doesn't guzzle scarce natural resources and which doesn't take the rest of my life to pay off.

And so I clicked to buy. How was it? Honestly, the screen layouts were not 100% logical to the way my brain works, so I had a bit of back tracking to do several times to check boxes that I hadn't noticed and ended up with x4 copies in my cart. But after that was corrected, basically seamless, easy and smooth. The interface with steem was flawless and in less than 5 mins the purchase was done and I had a confirmation email in my IN box. Nice.

What matters to me with @homesteaderscoop is they are an alternative to amazon et al for people who have great ethical & sustainable products, who AREN'T retailing professionally large-scale online and yet need a platform to hang their shingle. It's a great idea. And yes, you should DELEGATE SOME STEEM to them immediately. The way we spend our money literally shapes the world we are leaving for our children, and they are carving out new territory for people who otherwise would struggle to engage commercially.

My experience today? 9/10. Should you check them out? Yes. Am I excited about the products they have on offer? Oh yes. Especially my new earthship book! Want to buy it too? Here's the Homesteaderscoop Link


Much gratitude to the steem community evolving and enabling me to evolve too. Stay tuned for at least 847 posts over the coming 1-2-3 years as the Earthship Artemis is developed, birthed and created. I look forward to sharing the journey.

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I ❤️ the Coop! So glad you worked it all out 😀


Haha... me too! I may be the only person reading about earthships on the beach in Vietnam tho!! LOL 🤣

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I'll read about Earthships in the bungalow... I will try to involve my family to stimulate them to dream of a better world too!

Thanks for sharing your ethical purchase way!

Resteemed <-> Cheers! ;)

Great decision to spend some steem on a fellow Steemian, especially an item of this calibre and heart! Earthship Artemis - now I like the sound of that!


Earthship Artemis sounds really good, yeah! ^_^

Yay! I am so glad you supported @eco-alex and held out to purchase on our marketplace :)

This is a great review of Alex's book and homesteaders co-op!!

I am curious to know what was the confusing part that led you to end up with 4 copies in your cart? Perhaps if I can understand better I can improve the experience.

wonderful post, obviously id say that!
ur integrity is second to none,
u rock for holding out until you could buy the book ethically!
<3 xx


Im glad holding out my anti-rape-&-pillage-retail stance served you and @homestaderscoop 💚 Our spending choices truly are our most political act.

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You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

A wonderful and heartfelt review... thank you so much for supporting the Co-op and its vendors, I am glad you have found something that means so much to you to purchase!

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD):

follow: @homesteaderscoop


My pleasure. 🌱💜😎

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You are very passionate about life, it truly comes through your post.

Keep on shining @artemislives.


Haha... well spotted. Yes, passionate about life, love, people, projects..... Thanks for the support. Shining everyday. ☀️

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