A little newborn goat has come to live among us, Happy!

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The other day our goat gave birth to this cute little baby goat. We were expecting this incident to happen for about last one month. It used to be funny to hear my mother and grandmother say Today is the delivery day in everyday and their words becoming futile all the times. But the day May 1, ie yesterday, was not like that. Our goat looked as if she had determined to deliver her baby immediately. And the human ladies in my home were firm in their belief that they even got ready to battle with me when I said as usual their prophecy would fail subsequently!


The newborn baby goat standing on his feet within few minutes of his birth. You and me had to wait for months,if not a year, to probably stand up!

I love Goats like anything. My love towards this particular animal kingdom began when I was 14. It was summer vacation and didn't have to go to school for long two months. I used to go to work in nearby cardamom plantations through which I was able to accumulate almost ₹3500 (3500 indian rupees). And came was the big day to decide as to what to do with this big money I had earned(Approximately less than 60 USD as of now). As some of you guys who have high IQ level might have guessed by now, I opted to buy one medium sized 6 months old female goat for this money.


She was rude with us. But when she became a mother, I wonder where her 'love' part was hiding till now

Now, my responsibility had doubled. I had to raise this goat alongside doing my daily maths homework. I would come from school every evening to cut grass for this goat. After the completion of one usual year, I had turned 15 and the number of goats in my home successfully went up to 3 from initial 1! When I turned 17, we had 8 goats in our home. We had earned atleast ₹15000 in profit by then apart from possessing these lovely animals.


The mother breastfeeding her son. I don't know if it is nfsw to post this picture here. He is still struggling to finely put his mouth in the breast to get enough milk

Eventually, the goats we had had decreased in number over the years owing to various reasons wherein financial problems came into play. As of last month we had three goats but we have sold two as we couldn't manage them because of the scarcity of grass caused by the scorching sun . It is the remaining one goat that has been pregnant and delivered this newborn baby. It is cute and lovely to have infants around us even if they are animals. So I would like to wish this new kid a healthy life ahead through this blockchain technology. Lol, goats can't read!

I would like my friends to learn a new thing after reading this post.. So what it can be?

The Scientific name of the goat is

Capra aegagrus hircus

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Bro I too belong from Farmer family. We had 2 Cow and 2 Ox but we sell them after my grandfather feel to quit farming because of growing age.

I helped my grandfather to plough. Even sometimes I do it myself.

I know when our cows gives birth to calf and you know they also stand on their feet after 5 to 10 minutes like you goat baby.

I feel curious that time that human child took 2 year to walk or stand on their feet.

I am happy for your goat. But urbanisation only helps to decrease pet animal. Even we have no animal right know but I am thinking to buy Cow after my stable income.


The place I live in is still rural. But the thing is we are cultivating cardamom here. It is impossible to graze cattles freely as one could hardly find any free land.

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