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We went from 6 13. So, the setup we had before would not work anymore. A quick trip to town and we grabbed the fence that was at the townhouse.




Our chickens were able roam the entire property as free range chickens. This is due to the fact that we had raised them since they were baby chicks, and they would come when they were called. They also would roost on their own in the evening so there was no need to try to catch them.

Our new chickens however, we received grown and had never been allowed to roam free. So I decided I should build them a large yard for them to be able to eat and play.

*One of two of our new chickens...cornish games hens.

I unrolled the fence and hooked it into the old fence, extending it and ran it through the forest and back to their coop.



So far they really seem to love their new yard...however, they try to roost there...instead of in the safety of the coop. So far now, until they figure things out, we will be having to put them in the coop each evening.

*I used a piece of our left over metal roofing to give them a shady spot to to hangout during the day.

*I recently shared this sunrise with a new friend I met, and now i share it with all you!!! I hope everyone has an amazing day and that all is well!🤗🤗🤗🤗


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Keeping extremely busy out here dearest friend. How are you doing? I hope all is good well!🤗

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