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This account happened on April 11th 2021


So, up until this point, I had to manually fill the toilet and the washing machine for them to work. Along with carrying water for anything else we needed at the cabin. 😁 I use a smiling emoji, but in all reality this was not funny, as it was a lot of work.

So, after I got water pumped to the cabin it was definitely time to plumb the inside.


Above in the picture, is a 60 gallon water bladder. You can also see, the hose that comes in from the top. The pump that was recently installed is connected to this hose and is how the bladder gets filled. The bladder is located against the ceiling in the bathroom above the shower. This allows for a gravity feed system, where the weight of the water creates pressure and pushes the water through the pipes in the cabin.


This picture shows the hose that comes out of the bottom of the bladder, and connects to the cabin plumbing.

It runs down to the shower, the washing machine into the sink in the kitchen area. It allows for this...



An automatically filling toilet and washer.🎉🎊🎉 This equates to a little bit less work (and strain) on me. I have not yet received my water heater, so all we have is cold water. But it will come soon enough. For now I am just extremely thankful for having this!

I hope you'll join us for our next, and last, backlog update as we welcome a new and much loved member into over family!