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There was a time in American history that alcohol was made illegal...this was called the era of Prohibition.

It was during this period of time that people took to making their own whiskeys and spirits. There was big money in doing this ad well if you were willing to risk losing your freedom selling it.


I found out through long talks with my neighbors and a couple of old-timers that some of the biggest alcohol distilleries during Prohibition existed in our area and that they were more then likely located in caves that also had(or were near to) springs.

We have several springs. One of which is our primary source of water.

*The spring, and the rock I removed today...

Where the spring comes out of the ground, it is very obvious that the entire area collapsed at some point....maybe a former entrance to a cave?

We aren't sure, but each time it rains, and softens the dirt, I try to dig a little deeper. Today was a pretty big step towards figuring out if there is anything behind this pile of collapsed rocks and dirt.

Oncethe rock in the above picture was pried and rolled out of place, my new photographer, @evans-adventures, got busy capturing what we saw.

*This is the beginning of a cave that is behind yet another rock. 😁

*In this picture, you can see the cave goes back even further than what we can see... For me, this is pretty exciting!

Oh yeah!...I was able to use that rock that were moved from the side of the hill as abridgeto cross the spring!😍

*It's muddy right now because of all the digging but the rains will wash it and we will no longer have wet feet crossing the creek!

So, will we someday be digging and discover hidden treasures or unearth secrets from the past? We aren't sure, but we sure are going to enjoy all the fun and love we share along the way.

As always thanks for sharing a piece of your to read our adventures! And thanks for all the love and support!🤗🤗🤗

All photos are property of @evans-adventures and are used with his express permission.


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