Medicinal Marijuana

This little plant is a wonderful plant to grow in your garden if you plan to go of grid. Give it a second thought! Marijuana has been proven to: is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, etc...; can reduce pain, reduce appetite, relieve nausea, relieve stress, improve respiration, be sedative etc...; What ever ails you, you can find relief with Marijuana. Choosing the correct Marijuana plant is the key. Each strain of plant has different benefits. In this post we want to talk about strains briefly. There are three main strains: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Sativa gives a person more energy. Indica is more relaxing (indica/in the couch). And Hybrid is a combination. Future posts will discuss terepentines, flavoinoids, how to grow, how to use, etc... Growing the right plant for your homestead can mean the difference from living natural or running to the doctor and giving big pharma more money. (P.S. Want to give your lazy marijuana smoker a kick, switch his bag from a indica to a high sativa. LOL!)

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