Slog Episode 1: Lockdown At The Chicken Ranch

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Welcome to my first pandemic slideshow blog... my slog.
These are historic times, and I think there is some value in each of us making a record of our experiences. Yet, I do not really think future generations will read anything we write so I am trying to do a more visual capture of my adventure. Currently, a lot of people are throwing around the word "lockdown" but honestly, I am free to come and go as I choose. I choose to stay here, like I did most days before any of this happened. I understand why people need to just STOP for a bit, and I understand how many people just do not understand that... More good reasons to just hang out here. I do not care for heavy handed government. I am not that wild about the lightest touch of government but the masses are being irrational in the extreme - in EVERY extreme. My problem is not with the "Stay at home order" - it came after several polite requests and urgent pleas that went unheeded. My problem is with all the people who continue to come and go rather than choosing to be pro-active and self isolate, for everyone's well being.
To all of you "chillin' like a villain" - you are heroes!!!


That's what I was saying the other day, I am more of a loner to begin with so it's not much of an adjustment for me outside of not having my grand kids on the weekends. I guess I am blessed to have one living next door who I've had helping me do yard work. I haven't had him over though because I don't think his parents have quite gotten it yet that stay at home does't mean taking several trips a day out to do something or another. Once they get themselves under control of that and a few days pass then I won't be afraid of closer contact with him. We don't have many cases here but that isn't the point, the point is to keep it that way. lol.

EXACTLY! My son's family finally took it seriously when the wife got sick. She got tested, negative but NOW they stay at home!

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