Homesteader life: How we got started

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Homesteading might not be what some folks expect.
It's not just rodeos and Turkey shoots.

@papa-pepper @flemingfarm @haphazard-hstead
Can you agree with me.
It ain't easy!!!

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Funny stuff! I have resteemed just because I can!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Lol! I will say that is is a bit easier than the "olden days" with some of our nice new toys. The knee shot is silly... All I can think of is Yakov Shmirnoff lines to go with the video!

Heheh! Yes silly indeed!
Thanks for checking it out. :)
I hope I made Yakov proud.

you are one sick man! LOLOLOL

i can't believe i missed this for 4 days hahahahahaha

Hey better late than never. :)
I thought maybe those knees offended you!

Nooooooooooo oh my gosh the knees were a scream! Lolollol

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HaHa! The commentary was hilarious! LOL! : )

I try to keep it fun. :) funny

This is something different then other concept going on steemit editing a voice on different video to make fun it is really difficult task good job dude.

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Thank you sir!
I hope everyone enjoys it :)

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